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The Tuesday Discussion SSTN Predictions (Ed Botti)

by Ed Botti

March 30, 2021


“’It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future”…. Yogi Berra

Having said that, my predictions are more along the lines of hope; hope they stay healthy, hope a certain catcher bounces back, and hope certain starters can regain past performance.

Not an easy task by any stretch. There are so many variables with this version of the Yankees, more so than I can remember in the recent past.

What will the 2021 Yankees’ win/loss record be?

A 94-68 record seems to be the number I keep coming up with each time I analyze the season. This line up should feast on the second division pitching throughout the regular season and glide through with at least 94 wins.

If they get above the 94 win mark it means one thing, their starting pitching gamble has paid off and Kluber and Taillon are healthy and pretty close to their prior selves.

What is your prediction for the 2021 Yankees?

I hope the Yankees will win the AL East, ALDS and beat the Oakland A’s in the ALCS setting up a Yankee and Padres world series rematch, where the Yankees will win in 6.

In reality, I think this team is the same as the last 3 teams. A bad approach at the plate. Which means they will struggle against top tier rotations. Their rotation is built on reclamation projects, which is a scary proposition.

The Yankees will trade this player during the season.

Miguel Andújar – He’s a good player and seems like a good kid, but he has no position on this team. He will be used to reinforce pitching in July.

The Yankees will acquire this player during the season.

Not necessarily acquired in an Andújar trade, but Steven Brault from the Pirates will be a target of Cashman’s this season.

Who will lead the team in hits?

I’m pretty certain that will be DJ LeMahieu who just may lead all of MLB in hits this season.

Who will lead the team in home runs?

A healthy Aaron Judge will hit over 45 home runs in 2021 leading the Yankees.

Which pitcher will win the most games?

Gerrit Cole will lead the team with 18 wins.

Will any Yankee win a major award (Rookie of the Year, MVP, Cy Young)?

No individual awards for this team in 2021. Just one big team award in October.

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