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This Free Agent’s Latest Rumor Gets Even Better For Yankees

This Free Agent’s Latest Rumor Gets Even Better For Yankees

By Derek McAdam

February 27, 2022


It is no secret that the New York Yankees have been looking to upgrade at first base, whether that means signing a free agent such as Freddie Freeman, trading for an All-Star such as Matt Olson or bringing back a strong defender such as Anthony Rizzo. At this point, it seems as if they want anyone except Luke Voit.

New reports emerged this week stating that Freeman is more likely to leave Atlanta than to stay since the Braves are committed to a five-year contract instead of Freeman’s request of six. Not only is this great news for the Yankees, but it is something they should jump on once the lockout ends.

Out of the four candidates listed above, Freeman is probably the best overall player. He has been a consistent hitter in the batter’s box, played very solid defensive baseball and has remained healthy for most of his career. It seems like a perfect fit for the Yankees.

The obvious problem the Yankees face is how much money it may take to sign him, especially if they plan on pursuing other free agents such as Carlos Correa, who the Yankees expressed interest in signing before the lockout began. There is no doubt that Freeman will command at least $25 million per season on the low end, which may be a problem for the Yankees.

Another potential problem is the Yankees’ competitors in this race. Freeman is from the Los Angeles area and has been linked to returning to his home state. The Dodgers have been looking for a first baseman while the Angels may want an upgrade to Jared Walsh. Both of these teams may make offers, with the Dodgers being the favorite to pursue him.

In my opinion, I do not believe Freeman will return to Atlanta. While Atlanta does have a decent amount of money to work with, they will have some big contracts coming up in the future that they may want to focus on. Freeman was a huge part of Atlanta’s success, but they may want to keep a good chunk of the team together instead of losing them all soon.

But the Yankees should not ignore Freeman. The argument can be made that shortstop is a bigger problem than first base, but if the Yankees can score him for a good price, they should jump on the ship. It is rare that a player of Freeman’s caliber makes it to free agency. It seems unlikely to happen, but let’s see what transpires.

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