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Watching the U.S. Mail for Baseball – Episode 2 (Go Orioles!!!)

A short while ago we e-mailed every single Major League Baseball Club asking for them to reply to us with some interesting promotional items that we’d be able to showcase with our audience.

We figured that It would be fun to see what the teams send and how attentive they are to fan requests via e-mail.

The responses, and lack of responses, thus far, have been shocking.

A number of teams outright refused to send any items. A few sent digital items. Two teams asked me to send them a letter in the U.S. Mail.

To date, only one team has supplied any items. Only one team.

Major League Baseball likes to point out the flaws it has with the game and fan interest. We often hear about the games being too long and other problems. Through this exercise, at least thus far, I have a simple solution for all the teams – be more fan friendly. It doesn’t take a lot to satisfy a fan. Sometimes all a team has to do is show a little interest. Want to create fans? Embrace them. Want to turn fans away from your team or the game? Ignore them.

Thus far, the only team that has sent anything has been the Orioles. Good for them.

Yesterday in the mail I received from the Orioles a letter, two pocket schedules, information about ballpark tours, a larger than expected Orioles logo sticker, a post card of The Bird, and a 3” x 5” card of outfielder Austin Hays.

You know what all that did? It brought a smile to my face. It created interest. It was fun. I said, “Hey! Good for the Orioles.” It made me believe that they care. (And I guess they do.) The Orioles understand that it’s fun to get things in the mail. The Orioles know how to respond to simple fan requests. (We never asked for tickets or autographs or any valuable items. We got a few trinkets and are now very happy.)

Good for the Orioles!

Of note, the Orioles responded to my original e-mail stating (in a personal reply) that I would have to send a written letter to them for any promotional items. .A day or two later, I wrote and mailed a letter to them. These items then arrived. The Orioles were able to respond quicker, even with me having to send a letter in the mail, than any other team.

The other Major League teams could learn something from the Baltimore Orioles. In fact, to date, all of the other teams have a great deal to learn from them.

Please see the photo of the items the Orioles sent:

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