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With Player’s Weekend Coming Up in Los Angeles, Here Are The Explanations…

Yankees.Com has the list of all the Player’s Nicknames and such. It’s a fun list, take a look:

Here are just a few thoughts and such:

1) If it is “Player’s Weekend” and a player, like Brett Gardner, wishes to have no name on his uniform, why is that a problem? Isn’t he a player? I think it’s great that he’d rather play tribute to the fact that Yankees don’t wear their names on their uniforms. Why isn’t he allowed this choice?

2) I love how Didi will use “SIR MJG.” If I were knighted, I’d do the same – always. I’d do the opposite of Gardner. I’d ask to have the “SIR” on my uniform always! He’s knighted. That’s just too cool.

3) Edwin Encarnacion is honoring his mom with his jersey – RIVERA. That’s awesome! My hat is off to him!

4) J.A. Happ hasn’t been a great pitcher this year, but JDOT A DOT is hysterical.

5) KING KAHN is Tommy Kahnle is fun. It reminds me of Charlie “King Kong” Keller, though it was said that Keller didn’t like that nickname.

6) Cameron Maybin is using his dad’s nickname for him – SLIM. In the article, Maybin says, “My dad is one of my best friends.” LOVE IT!

7) Luke Voit’s name (LOUIS V) looks like a French king. That’s fun, although Louis V was known as “Louis the Do-Nothing.” I hope the Yankees’ Louis V does some home run hitting!

8) Finally, I do wish the Yankees could just wear their regular away uniforms. Adding the names can be a fun thing, for a special weekend, but I’m not a fan of the fact that they have to wear completely different uniforms. For the Yankees, I love the fact that their uniform is their uniform and has been for so long. Oh well. Hopefully, the Yankees get to wear their regular road uniforms in Los Angeles in the World Series this year!!!!

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