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Yankees Baseball Card Trivia at Noon – Beware The Ides of March!

THANK YOU to ProfRobert for developing this week’s Baseball Card Trivia at Noon. You are all in for a treat this week!


Beware the Ides of March! So was the warning to Roman dictator Julius Caesar, but he could not avoid his fate on the 15th of March, 44 B.C.E. This week’s theme relates to that event. Thanks again to Paul for letting me have this fun.

FRIDAY: The Roman calendar was about as inefficient as its numerals. Months were divided into kalends, nones and ides, with other days described as the number of days before the next category (e.g., March 2 was “a.d. VI Non.”, or “ante diem sextum Nonas” — six days before the Nones). The kalends was the first day of the month, but when the others occurred depended on the number of days in that month. In March, the Ides was the 15th day, but in April it was the 13th day.

OK, then. Number 15, of course, is retired for Thurman Munson. This player, however, was actually half a WAR better than Munson over his Yankee career. (Munson doubtlessly would have added to his total had he lived, though this player lost MLB time to military service.)

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