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A Special Journey On The Coldest Day of the Year…

February 19, 2019, was one of the coldest days that I could remember. My wife, Camille told me to get in the car because she had a surprise for me. As we drove over the Mario Cuomo Bridge, I kept trying to guess. Are we going to the mall? Are we going to a new restaurant? She kept telling me that it’s a surprise and that I should stop guessing. I tried Googling places of interest near where we were driving. Nothing was coming up. I was at a loss. The trip got even more bizarre when we pulled into a cemetery that I had never been to. Did my wife find a long-lost relative in this cemetery?

When we got out of the car Camille told me that we were looking for a specific plot number. We decided to split up and look for it. I could not imagine why we were there. Why were we at a cemetery that I have never been to on the coldest day of the year? I did not understand why we were there.

“I found it!” she shouted from a distance. When I arrived at the plot, Camille said, “Michael, I brought you to this place so you could pay respect and ask for good luck for the upcoming Yankee season.” When I looked up, I realized we were at the grave of George Herman “Babe” Ruth. I stood there in awe. Much like Ruth himself, his gravesite was larger than life. It was filled with baseballs, bats, and other souvenirs that people left for the Babe.

Camille handed me a baseball that she had retrieved from the basement. “You cannot come empty-handed,” she said. I placed it on his tombstone by the other keepsakes that people left when paying respects.

I was in awe for two reasons. First, I was standing at the grave of Babe Ruth. Enough said. I was also in awe of the fact that my wife, who is not a baseball fan, thought enough to research where Babe Ruth was buried and surprise me by going there to pay respects. It was truly a morning that I will never forget.


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