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About the Off-Season: Trick or Treat

About the Off-Season: Trick or Treat

By Tim Kabel

October 30, 2023


Tomorrow is Halloween. To many people, it is a day that conjures up images of horror or terror. There are many horror movies released around that day. In my mind, it's more of a day of make believe or pretend. People dress up as all sorts of things on Halloween, whether they be children, your neighbors, or co-workers. Not all the costumes are frightening. If someone dresses up as a cowboy, Aaron Judge, or one of the Chipmunks, that is not necessarily scary. However, when I look out the window and see my neighbor wearing a pair of leggings he found with the word "juicy" written on the back, I have to admit that's pretty terrifying. I asked my friend Roger if he was going to dress up as Taylor Swift. Although Roger considers himself to be a swifty (in days of yore, that used to mean someone who is quite bright or intelligent) he did not know who she was. He will dress as someone from his era, ZaSu Pitts (and I'm afraid if you don't know her, you'll have to look her up.)

In the spirit of Halloween, and pretending, I would like to imagine that we are one year in the future. Instead of the Texas Rangers playing in the World Series, I would like to suggest that it will be the Yankees. What would that team look like? This is just my opinion. It could be completely different from anyone else's, and probably is. This is what I would like to hope can and will happen one year from now.

Imagine Suzyn Waldman recounting the following on WFAN. I would say John Sterling but as we all know, he doesn't actually speak until the game starts. Instead, he hides behind a curtain like the Wizard of Oz.

Good evening, everyone and welcome to the 2024 World Series. The New York Yankees are set to take on the Philadelphia Phillies. General manager Kim Ng has assembled quite a roster for the Yankees this season and manager Don Mattingly led them to a 103-win season. They finally exorcised the demons by beating the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series in five games, led by ALCS MVP Aaron Judge. As we get ready for tonight's game, let's look at the starting lineup that was just presented to the home plate umpire by Yankees' third base coach, Willie Randolph:

Batting leadoff, shortstop Anthony Volpe

Batting second, leftfielder, Cody Bellinger

Batting third, rightfielder and likely American League Most Valuable Player, Aaron Judge

Batting cleanup, designated hitter, Juan Soto

Batting fifth, Gleyber Torres at second base

Batting sixth, Jasson Dominguez in centerfield

Batting seventh, first baseman, Anthony Rizzo

Batting eighth, the catcher, Austin Wells

Batting 9th, the third baseman, Oswald Peraza

And on the mound tonight, starting game one of the World Series, Gerrit Cole.

Manager Mattingly announced his starting rotation for the series. It will be Carlos Rodon in Game 2, Yoshinobu Yamamoto in Game 3 and Nestor Cortes in Game 4.

I'm not sure what you think of this but, essentially, I made three additions, Soto, Bellinger, and Yamamoto, and two subtractions, Giancarlo Stanton, and DJ LeMahieu. The youngsters who came up in 2023 will continue to develop and play prominent roles in this scenario. The team that I depict playing in the World Series in 2024 did not require a major overhaul from this year's squad. The moves I predicted can certainly be made and should be made. The possibility for the Yankees to acquire those three players does exist. They just have to go out and do it.

Of course, I also replaced the manager and general manager, which might make the player acquisitions more likely.

I would like to hear what everybody thinks about my exercise in imagining what could be in 2024.

Happy Halloween!!

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31 oct. 2023



30 oct. 2023

Tim I have been saying add Soto, Bellinger and the Japanese pitcher Yamamoto. This would go a long way to making true Yankee fans happy, I don’t think Hal will replace Cashman and Boone however with these 3 additions this would put the Yanks back on the right track and don’t think they can mess it up


Andy Polizzi
Andy Polizzi
30 oct. 2023

You left out one introduction: Right after the announcement of the rotation, the camera pans to . . .

And in the owner's box is George Steinbrenner, who miraculously rose from the dead and replaced his son Hal as the owner of the team. Under Steinbrenner the Yankees returned to their free-spending ways and, luxury tax be damned, signed Bellinger, Soto, and Yamamoto to lucrative long-term contracts.


30 oct. 2023

Sign me up for this version of the 2024 Yankees..... 😀


30 oct. 2023

that works fine.

although DH Ohtani batting second and left fielder Dominguez batting fourth might be just as fine

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
31 oct. 2023
En réponse à

BUT... the team that signs him will hope that he can pitch again. As such, he won't play OF in 2024. That would be too big of a risk on an arm with two TJ surgeries.

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