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As The Yankees Sleep...

by Paul Semendinger

December 30, 2023


After failing to get Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the hope was that the Yankees had a good, logical, and strong Plan B.

That is still the hope, but as the fans hope, some possible pitchers are coming off the board.

Chris Sale, never linked to the Yankees, was traded to the Atlanta Braves.

Lucas Giolito will be signing with the Red Sox.

Frankie Montas will be signing with the Reds.

The Yankees need starting pitchers. Many many many speculated that Frankie Montas would be signed by the Yankees as a #5 starter and for some depth. That didn't happen.

I know how some will react to all of this...

"The Red Sox were trading Sale to the Yankees..."

"Giolito isn't good..."

"I didn't want Montas anyway..."

All that is fine and good, but as each of these options go away, it will be more and more diffiicult for the Yankees to implement whatever Plan B actually is.

The Yankees, rather than acting with any sense of urgency, seem to take their time. The Yankees, for a long time, have been reactionary rather than proactive. The Yankees like to talk a big game, but have often not lived up to those words with action.

Last year we were told that the Yankees knew they needed to address left field. They never did.

There is still time, there is still hope, but other teams are making moves. The Yankees seem to be content watching time pass them by, as they stay in a slumber.



Jan 02

The Yankees are going to destroy the minor leagues prospects by trading them for players for one year, instead of spending money in bringing free agent. They are waiting for Monty to sign with Boston and Snell with SF, to go out and sign injured pitcher's. Hay Mr George, we miss you more than Hal misses you. I can see that the Yankees are turning into the 90’s Yankee. What a shame. I bet my neck that they will not sign Soto, and Cole will gets out of his contract. That is going to happen. Will see it


Frank Graziadei
Frank Graziadei
Jan 01

Nothing will change with the Yankees. They promised massive changes in how they do business. Now in 2024 with the same general manager, same puppet manager, same analytical department, same college coaches in the minor leagues., nothing has changed. Yes they added a new hitting major coach selected by the new assistant gm name Judge but the same minor league college hitting instructors continue to preach the Dillon Lawson bible of elevated swing and pulling the ball. I guess if Cole gets to pick the pitching coach then why shouldnt Judge pick the hitting coach. Nothing has changed. Hal is NOT going to have a payroll over 300 million. NOT happening. So fans should enjoy Soto while it lasts. …


Dec 31, 2023

The Yankees have put themselves in a situation where they will now have to overpay for Jordan Montgomery, who is their top priority right now, just so they can keep their promise of acquiring a much needed starting pitcher. I think Montgomery is their preference over Snell, but they have competition, so they will have to snatch him up quickly. Monty has been dominant against the Yankees, so I don't want to see him go to the Red Sox or any AL East team. He has proven ability to pitch successfully in New York in front of the New York fans in front of the New York media, and he also now has "Big Game" postseason experience. But the Yan…

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Dec 31, 2023
Replying to

A second rate pitcher?

Come on, you're better than that. He was a great pitcher.


Phil Dell'Isola
Phil Dell'Isola
Dec 30, 2023

Dr S.

It just seem to me that there is one basic, undeniable problem the Yankees have. They procrastinate religiously because Hal is the cheapest owner in all of sports. He’s got the money but he thinks he will take it with him at some point. He is a consummate teller of untrue things that he was going to see were done to improve the team. He hasn’t. There is never any sense of urgency due to others being in the market for similar needs. They always wind up with what is left. Never first choice. Forget Soto they gave away the farm for that when they needed pitching first and foremost. Unless he sells the team it will neve…

Dec 31, 2023
Replying to

I like to flatter myself that I'm able to supply both


Brian Mosher
Brian Mosher
Dec 30, 2023

There's still plenty of time, and Boras, (at least), often takes his players well into spring training before closing negotiations. Honestly, I'm not any more worried than I have been since Moto went to LA.

I actually loo forward yankee moves when there's no negotiating through the media, jacking up prices in all the bigger marketsa that way. Plus, it wouldn't be surprising if a deal just pops out of nowhere, Cashman's has done plenty of 'em without a single word ahead of time.

I think my feelings about this took shape when Cashman knee-jerked his way into a lumbering DH after Ohtani for too long and too much money. I was against that when it happened, I thoughit'd be…

Brian Mosher
Brian Mosher
Dec 30, 2023
Replying to

I'd rather he takes action on what is best rather than acting out of FOMO. Many of you are all over Bellinger (I am not. his peripheral stats, general unpredictability, baggage from declining a QO, and injury history make me a non-believer). To do that right now, it would take 200 million or more. That's Boras' asking price with no offers on the table.

He's not going to make that much. He'll wait it out and lose, Unless someone just gives him what he asks for, which seems to be in line with your suggestion. I doubt he's gonna get much more than 150, and that could mean the difference between filling out the team in a more balanced way…

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