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As We Wait For Baseball And The Plans Slowly Take Shape…

Just the other day, baseball announced that they are targeting the end of May to have a plan to start the season at the beginning of July.

I must say that I was disappointed in this news. Baseball needs another whole month to formulate a plan? They should have been planning the logistics for this for a month already. (What else could they be doing?)

The record viewership for the NFL draft showed that Americans are desperate for sports content. And the slapdash nature of the draft (GMs on video from their basements) almost made it even more compelling. I don’t want to get too maudlin but people need something to focus on other than a virus and all that goes with it.

Personally, I don’t care if players show up in their sweatpants which they then have to wash in their hotel bathrooms. It is time for the sport to have a plan and to get the season going.

The stadiums are empty. The hotels are empty.

BUT THEN, late yesterday, a tentative new plan emerged that involved breaking baseball into three giant divisions…

This is interesting… It’s baseball talk… They are sharing an idea that just might work!

With this plan, three regional divisions, there would be less travel and players wouldn’t have to live entirely in hotels, These are positive steps.

The plan also calls for no fans in the stadiums, which is understandable for now.

If this plan works, they might even be able to play a 100 game season.

I am glad baseball is moving forward. They have had time to plan. It’s time to get these ideas into action.

Let’s get out there and play some games!

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