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Breaking News: Aaron Boone to Return on 3-Year Deal

In a tweet sent out by the New York Yankees from earlier today, they have announced that manager Aaron Boone is going to be returning on a 3-year deal (through 2024) with a team option for 2025.

After firing all of his coaches earlier this offseason (except Matt Blake), the Yankees have faith that they’ll be able to put better pieces around Boone. The Yankees have removed the scapegoats, now it’s time to see if Boone truly is what they’re hoping for. How this move effects the next 3 (to 4) years is going to reflect largely on the Yankees front office.

The New York Yankees announced today that they have re-signed Manager Aaron Boone to a three-year contract through the 2024 season with a club option for 2025. — New York Yankees (@Yankees) October 19, 2021

Also, as my boss points out, it's "yin" — not "ying." Sorry, everyone. But as I point out, I need more coffee. — Brendan Kuty (@BrendanKutyNJ) October 15, 2021



Unfortunately this news broke at possibly the worst time for me, so here are a collection of scrambled thoughts from the top of my head:

The Yankees front office (Cashman & Co.) have just gone all-in on Aaron Boone. It’s clear the fanbase of the Yankees is frustrated by him, his lackluster approach to the game, and the fact that long-term pieces tend to regress (requiring lots of diamonds in the rough). Cashman is not going to be able to keep finding those forgotten about players who have great 80-game stretches each year. Miracles cannot be depended on.

If Aaron Boone does not work out, this is the largest indictment on the front office. This feels to me like a desperation move of Brian Cashman to retroactively show that the Boone signing was a good decision in the first place (it wasn’t and hasn’t been).

When has Aaron Boone ever truly felt like a manager? I’d love to see if anybody can remember when he actually wore the pinstripes as a manager in the dugout. Isn’t the whole attitude towards professionalism and the workplace that “appearance matters”? If I have to wear a uniform at work, Aaron Boone should be wearing the pinstripes. Heck, his uniform is a lot cooler than mine!

On that note, if I’m the Yankees I would 100% make sure that there is an anti-gum clause in this deal for Aaron Boone. I’m sick of watching him blow bubbles as he watches his team collapse on the field and lose winnable games.

As Brendan Kuty states in his article, the Yankees FO now needs to find a plethora of coaches that can be the “yin” to Boone’s “yang”. However, there is going to be a lot more blame put on Boone if the team fails and flails over the next few years. The Yankees removed all of the easy-to-remove scapegoats (Nevin, Thames, etc.), including each of the coaches that Boone brought in with him to the Yankees organization. If Boone does not work well with these new coaches- whoever they are- then it’s clear he’s not a good manager.

With other managers like Mike Shildt on the open market, it’s incredibly frustrating that the Yankees are going to try and find pieces that work alongside Boone instead of finding a good manager in the first place. I want it stated now: Mike Shildt will be a more effective manager over the next 3 years than Boone will be.

The Yankees NEED TO. 100% NEED TO be willing to walk away and eat Boone’s contract if it becomes clear that he’s not able to do the job effectively. (They won’t. I know that. You know that too. So, now we’re stuck with him through 2024.)

On a happy note, I now have someone easy to complain about for the next 3 years on here. If anything, that’s the best positive I can currently see about the Yankees second signing of Boone.

Final note: I don’t want to see Boone’s walk-off Home Run from 2003 anymore. Heck, that was the last real time the Yankees stuck it to the Red Sox and that happened…well, that happened 18 years ago. Just because the guy hit a big home run then doesn’t make him a good manager. Good for Boone for hitting a Home Run then. The Yankees didn’t win that years World Series and the Red Sox won it the next year. It’s overplayed and I’m over it.


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