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  • Cary Greene

Deadline Moves that Make Sense for the Yankees 

…Early July Thoughts by Cary Greene 

July 7, 2024


This season, there are many more buyers than there are sellers as the 2024 MLB July 30th Trade Deadline approaches. There are eight potential sellers and 22 contending teams who may be looking to buy. 


Whether or not this is good news for the Yankees remains to be seen, however there are a number of currently injured Yankees who may begin providing some reinforcements as the season chugs along. With the Deadline approaching, the Yankees may deploy a strategy of buying to fill clear areas of need, while also potentially promoting some key prospect depth to fill in the current cracks in the roster.  


With the recent injury to Anthony Rizzo and the subsequent promotion of rookie Ben Rice, the Yankees might not feel inclined to pursue a clear upgrade at the position. Personally I hope Cashman sticks with Rice for the duration of the season as to me, he’s already earned the first base job. We’ve all probably read what amounts to internet nonsense regarding how the stubbornly run Diamondbacks, who are a mere 2.5 games out of a playoff spot, might somehow become interested in trading Christian Walker – who would obviously be a huge upgrade to Rice– to the Yankees. The reality is that there is very close to zero chance that Mike Hazen will throw in the towel and give up on the Diamondbacks making the playoffs and agree to send Walker to the Yankees. Considering that the team he runs almost won a World Series title last season, Hazen and the Diamondbacks surely can’t be characterized as being Deadline sellers this season.  


Lately it seems like Brian Cashman is starting to lean more and more on his prospect depth, as he’s been forced to offset the usual multitudes of injuries that for whatever reasons plague the rosters he designs. Ben Rice is but the latest example of Cashman being willing to use his rookies this season and by and large, they’ve actually done a borderline great job with the chances they’ve received – Rice included.  


Based on the latest Yankees injury report updates, it also appears that Jon Berti, Giancarlo Stanton, Cody Poteet, may each be able to help later this month - the injury gods willing of course. Then, the next wave of currently injured Yankees may also start providing reinforcements as JT Brubaker, Nick Burdi, Scott Effross and Clarke Schmidt are all projected back after the All-Star break or not long thereafter.  


That’s an awful lot of Big League firepower that’s not far off from helping, so regarding the approaching Trade Deadline, Brian Cashman doesn’t exactly have to make moves out of desperation - help clearly is on the way.  Not to mention, Lou Trivino and Jasson Dominguez are two more wild cards that might be able to help in September - so what are Brian Cashman’s perceived Deadline needs? 


Yankees fans kind of fail to realize that this year’s team is the third best offensive team in MLB, the Bombers .785 OPS can’t be denied and it trails only the Orioles (.775) and the Dodgers (.771). Granted, the Yankees offense has been almost entirely driven by Judge, Soto and Stanton this season so it can also be argued that the Yankees could really use more firepower.  


This season, the game plan opposing GM’s are using to beat the Yankees lineup into submission is to stack their rosters with as many available left-handed pitchers as they can before playing the Yankees, especially in Yankee stadium. Though the Yankees have baseball’s top offense against right-handed pitching (.779 OPS), they rank 17th against left-handed pitching with a below average .702 OPS. All signs therefore point to Cashman making a surprise Deadline move as he looks to acquire a low cost right-handed slugger who can consistently pummel left-handed pitching.  


With the Met’s still firmly in the Wild Card picture, presently sitting only 2 ½ games out, they are not likely to be sellers but they are worth keeping an eye on and should they fade, the Yankees might actually want to target a player who would the Mets would likely be willing to trade and that player isn’t Pete Alonso. Rather, J.D. Martinez seems to me like the kind of bat a true contender might add for a big second half push. Though it’s a stretch to paint the Mets as being possible sellers, trading for Martinez might be a possibility, especially if Stanton falters trying to make it back.  


If Stanton makes it back, it still doesn’t change the Yankees need for a slugger who can do damage against right-handed pitching as Stanton has a pitiful 89 wRC+/.290 wOBA against right-handed pitching this season. Martinez of course pulverizes left-handed pitching, to the tune of a 186 wRC+/.489 wOBA stat line and he’d be a fantastic slugger to platoon with Stanton at DH. 


I’ll be shocked if Cashman doesn’t make some sort of splashy move for a DH to pair with Stanton or even replace him if he can’t be relied upon. The Yankees infield has certainly been dreadful this season as well and I could also see Cashman making numerous other possible moves to shore it up. If he goes this route, hopefully he’ll make trades for infielders who rake left-handed pitching and who represent clear upgrades.  


I’ve written that Cashman and the Yankees will also likely be on the hunt for high leverage bullpen help as the Deadline approaches. Looking at what the likely Deadline sellers have to offer, the team that figures to have the most Deadline rumors swirling will probably be the Marlins and the Yankees will likely have high interest in their lefty closer, Tanner Scott, who I’m hoping is far and away Cashman’s top target as the deadline approaches.  


Scott, who Baseball Trade Values lists as being worth $3.6MTV and is owed the remainder of his $5.7 million deal, is in the midst of a fantastic season in which he’s sporting a 1.80 ERA and he’s already accumulated 2.8 fWAR. Though his lack of control is still his biggest detractor, Scott would be a big upgrade to any team’s bullpen and it’s likely that the Marlins will be willing to move him for the right return. The Dodgers are rumored to be highly interested in Scott as well, but hopefully Cashman will prioritize Scott and will be even more willing to make a deal. If the goal this season is to win a World Series, the Yankees need an electric lefty reliever.  


Perhaps the Marlin’s biggest Deadline task will be to unload Josh Bell without having to pay most of the money remaining on his $16.5 million deal but I don’t see the Yankees being interested in the struggling Bell, who’s StatCast page is so bleak that I’m left unable to mention details of it! Suffice it to presume that there would hopefully be zero interest on the Yankees part in Josh Bell, who is a downgrade at this juncture of his career from Ben Rice.  


Another likely seller at this year’s Deadline that has a bullpen piece that the Yankees will probably show interest in is the Angels, who will likely be fielding offers for their closer, righty Carlos Estévez. Like Scott, Estévez would be a rental player as he signed a two-year deal with the Angels back in 2022 and he’s owed the remainder of the $6.75 million that the Angels owe him for the remainder of the season.  


There has already been significant buzz surrounding the A’s closer Mason Miller, who Baseball Trade Values lists as being worth $53.4 MTV due to the 5.6 years of team control attached to him. If the Yankees wanted to take a run at Miller, Spencer Jones, Chase Hampton and Will Warren would combine to offer the A’s an enticing package. Due to Miller’s significant injury history, I’m not sure it would be in the Yankees best interests to attempt to land a player who the A’s are currently and desperately trying to keep healthy as they are hoping to trade him for a maximum return.  


I’ve laid out the Yankees areas of opportunity as the Deadline approaches, the rumor mill will begin to swirl like mad this year, given that so many teams might be buyers. It will be fascinating to see what Brian Cashman has up his sleeve as the Deadline approaches and even though the Yankees may have some reinforcements coming off the DL at various not that far off intervals, the team certainly needs help.  


Jul 08

Yates has a better WHIP than Scott and a better K/9

somehow it feels like he will be cheaper. I guess because he is not the prototypical power closer, but he DOES get a lot of Ks

I VERY MUCH like the idea of Tyler Anderson. we could move Nestor or Gil to the pen if needed.

Stanton has been bad vs RHP, but I still think, if he comes back, he is gonna get plenty of chances. Martinez is literally as close to the EXACT same player as Stanton as we could find

honestly, I would rather have Martinez. I think he is the better player at this point, even though I LOVE Stanton and hope for him t…


Jeff Korell
Jeff Korell
Jul 07

After reading this article on, it looks like the Texas Rangers will be sellers. If I am the Yankees, I would gladly take Kirby Yates off their hands. CLICK HERE:


Jeff Korell
Jeff Korell
Jul 07

There was a time when I said "Don't trade for a starting pitcher" because the Yankees had a stellar starting rotation, even without Gerrit Cole. But things have changed significantly. Especially with Luis Gil. Gil WAS too good as a starting pitcher to take out of the rotation. But all those innings he has pitched seem to have now caught up to him. All the innings pitched, especially after coming off of a recovery from Tommy John Surgery, have suddenly caused him to be significantly less effective now than he was in April and May.

The solution is to "kill 2 birds with 1 stone". Move Gil to the bullpen and make him that MUCH NEEDED 9th inning closer. G…


Jul 07

the Yankees need to get to third base.

where can a good lefty-swinging infielder be found?

Jul 07
Replying to

thanks for pointing out that Stanton has failed to hit lefties this season.

that ugly fact had eluded me

and while I fully agree that he's well past it,

I truly hope that the not-against-lefties is merely an anomaly

but I'm holding hard to Dominguez and his value, even if it is only for Sept and October of this year

and Cabrera aint gonna continue to play every day. that was no part of the redesign....

and I expect that Berti and Peraza will be shouldering Cabrera aside


Alan B.
Alan B.
Jul 07

Cary, I think you actually more showed us why Cashman won't make that BIG, SPLASHY, GAME-CHANGING trade. You are also forgetting about the Big 4 at Triple-A who are hurt and unavailable as well (Beeter, Durbin, Pereira, & Dominguez). Dominguez or Pereira would be here instead of J.D. Davis. Beeter would've been here long ago, and Durbin would've been here and Torres would've been already in the IL, ad the latest reason of why.

Alan B.
Alan B.
Jul 07
Replying to

Of pure prospect numbers, it is my opinion that I really don't know what other organizations has more in their entire system. My biggest problem with the Yankees system is how they coach and develop these guys. I don't know any other organization that does just as bad as job as they do.

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