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Ending Yankees Myths #1- Fair Weather Attendance Only

by Paul Semendinger

March 15, 2024


I have been writing (almost) daily posts and talking (almost daily) with Yankees fans and baseball fans here at Start Spreading the News since October 2017. We've been at this for a long time. We've had close to 10,000 articles published and have had millions and millions of page views. In total there have been tens of thousands of comments on the site.

Over the years, I have heard a host of myths about the Yankees. This article begins a new series where I prove that certain myths are untrue.

Today, I'll start with the myth that Yankees fans will only support teams that win championships. ("Yankees fans won't support a rebuild.")

This myth is false and is easily proved false with simple facts. To do this I'll begin in 1995, the year before the Yankees won their first World Series in almost two decades and the first season after the strike that cancelled the World Series. (Note on the following list, Yankees World Championship years are bolded.)

1995 Yankees - 14th in MLB Attendance (1,709,199)

1996 Yankees - 11th in MLB Attendance (2,255,051)

1997 Yankees - 10th in MLB Attendance (2,581,043)

1998 Yankees - 8th in MLB Attendance (2,949,734)

1999 Yankees - 4th in MLB Attendance (3,293,259)

2000 Yankees - 7th in MLB Attendance (3,227,657)

2001 Yankees - 3rd in MLB Attendance (3,264,847)

2002 Yankees - 2nd in MLB Attendance (3,465,807)

2003 Yankees - 1st in MLB Attendance (3,460,600)

2004 Yankees - 1st in MLB Attendance (3,775,292)

2005 Yankees - 1st in MLB Attendance (4,090,440)

2006 Yankees - 1st in MLB Attendance (4,247,980)

2007 Yankees - 1st in MLB Attendance (4,271,867)

2008 Yankees - 1st in MLB Attendance (4,298,655)

2009 Yankees - 2nd in MLB Attendance (3,718,358) - Note- New Stadium

2010 Yankees - 1st in MLB Attendance (3,765,807)

2011 Yankees - 2nd in MLB Attendance (3,653,680)

2012 Yankees - 2nd in MLB Attendance (3,542,406)

2013 Yankees - 4th in MLB Attendance (3,279,589)

2014 Yankees - 3rd in MLB Attendance (3,401,624)

2015 Yankees - 4th in MLB Attendance (3,193,795)

2016 Yankees - 6th in MLB Attendance (3,063,405)

2017 Yankees - 6th in MLB Attendance (3,146,966)

2018 Yankees - 2nd in MLB Attendance (3,482,855)

2019 Yankees - 3rd in MLB Attendance (3,304,404)

2020 Yankees - Not Applicable (No attendance - Covid)

2021 Yankees - 8th in MLB Attendance (1,959,854)

2022 Yankees - 3rd in MLB Attendance (3,136,207)

2023 Yankees - 3rd in MLB Attendance (3,269,016)

This list shows, clearly, that the Yankees have been, consistently, one of the teams that draws the most fans year-in and year-out. The numbers speak for themselves.

The Yankees have not won a World Series since 2009 and yet the fans still support the team. Period.

Case closed.

Myth destroyed.


Note to all sportscasters, bloggers, writers, reporters, podcasters, and the like, thanks for reading my article and coming to Start Spreading the News. You are here because you know we write well, report well, and do a great job covering the Yankees and sharing original points of view. If you're going to use or share any of our ideas, it is only proper to give credit to the writer and the website. Thank you.

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16 มี.ค.

Even when the Yankees finished dead last with the worst record in baseball (1990), I supported them wholeheartedly and I attended many of the games (during all the years I called New York City home). When the product on the field was poor, I took a step back and looked at the team at all levels of the minor leagues, and I liked what I saw of the up-and-coming players, and suddenly the team didn't seem so bad anymore, because I knew what was percolating down below in the farm system.

Being a Yankee fan is a PRIVILEDGE. It is rooting for a team that is not like any other team in any sport, including baseball. For MANY reasons:


17 มี.ค.

I SO want......the next time the San Francisco Giants visit Yankee Stadium in 2025, if the Giants can loan their broadcaster Jon Miller to the Yankees, and send him up to the Yankees Public Address announcer booth (where Paul Olden currently does the PA announcing). Jon Miller does a spot-on impersonation of Bob Shepperd. I would love it if, just for one time through the 9 man batting order, if Jon Miller, in Bob Shepperd's voice and cadence, announced each of the 9 starting Yankees to the plate! It would probably freak out all the fans in attendance, because those in the know, know that Shepperd passed away about 15 years ago, but just to hear what SOUNDS like …


15 มี.ค.

Paul you proved 2things. The Yanks draw good or bad and the same by the way is on the road. Also when the Yanks used to be in the WS they always draw . They are a money making machine and should use their financial might to insure greatness again


Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
15 มี.ค.

The point is that fans support the Yankees because the make or challenge for making the post-season nearly every year. That's what puts fannies in the seats. It's not winning championships. It's the contest. Look at the '98 team, one of the all time greats, and it was only 8th in attendance? (On reflection, '98 was also the year McGwire and Sosa were chasing Maris, so I wonder if NL attendance was higher overall as a result.)

I agree with you that Yankee fans will support a rebuild. What they won't support is a tanking like the Cheatros or Oriholes did. But we can't prove that because the Yankees never tanked (they came by their awfulness honestly in the ear…

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
15 มี.ค.

Fair enough, I guess, but you know, as well as I, that those were not good teams, they had a lot of very bad players, guys well past their primes, and no one was fooled into thinking that those teams had any chance to win.


15 มี.ค.

Been a fan for over 60 years. Been behind them all the way, win or tie! s/


Alan B.
Alan B.
15 มี.ค.

My only retorts to this is how many of the ticket are now under corporate control, and either given to employees or used as a business outing. Both the NBA & NHL, something like 70+% of their tickets are corporate controlled. In the AL, tickets sold are counted, not how many fans actually come into the Stadium.

Oh, noting today's date: Beware the Ides of March... oh, and happy birthday Pags! (Mike Pagliarulo)

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