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Examining the New York Yankees’ Minor Leagues – Right Handed Pitchers 22 and Younger

by James Vlietstra

March 3, 2021


Right Handed Pitchers 22 and Younger:

Of all the lists I have worked on, this one is probably the most exciting. It’s also the one with the broadest variables. Some of these pitchers could be low cost aces with years of control. Or they may fizzle out and fade away. A GM or Manager can look like a genius or absolute fool solely depending on how these arms develop or by trading the wrong one.

Four of these pitchers are on the 40-man roster and Top 30 list. They are:

Deivi Garcia, 21, is the Yankees’ #3 prospect. He made his MLB debut in 2020. He is not a big guy so the only question about him is whether or not he can withstand being a full time Major League starter.

Luis Gil, 22, is the fifth ranked prospect. He he spent 2019 in Charleston. He was receiving rave reviews at the Alternate Site in 2020.

Yoendrys Gomez, 21, also spent 2019 in Charleston. He is the ninth best prospect in the system.

Luis Medina seems like he has been around forever, even though he is just 21. He has three pitches that scouts rate as 70 on the 20-80 scale. They said if he can just consistently throw strikes, he will one day be an ace. Well, he is now throwing strikes. Currently listed as the #11 prospect, he’s going to come storming to the top of the lists.

21-year-old Beck Way was the Yankees fourth round pick in 2020. He has yet to make his professional debut but is currently listed as prospect number 24.

Miguel Yajure and Roansy Contreras were both traded as part of the Jameson Taillon package. Prior to that, they were both rated in the top 20.


Here are more Yankees right handed pitching prospects 22 and under.

Look closely, there’s several names that you no doubt have heard of before or else you will very soon :

Matt Sauer, 22

Anderson Munoz, 22

Nelson Alvarez, 22

Tanner Myatt, 22

Blane Abeyta, 22

Carson Coleman, 22

Blas Castano, 22

Nick Paciorek, 22

Mitch Spence, 22

Harold Cortijo, 22

Nolan Martinez, 22

Thowar Martinez, 22

Carlos Gomez, 22

Shane McNeely, 22

Edward Paredes, 22

Nicio Rodriguez, 21

Ismael Gomez, 21

Yan Castro, 21

Connor Pellerin, 21

Diego Cordero, 21

Pedro Barrios, 21

Nolberto Henriquez, 21

Deurys Marte, 21

Jhonatan Munoz, 21

Starling Perez, 20

Franyer Hernandez, 20

Felix Negueis, 20

Christian Sumoza, 20

Alfred Vega, 20

Osiel Rodriguez, 19

Montana Semmel, 19

Yoljeldriz Diaz, 19

Juan Carmela, 19

Ignacio Radney, 19

Yorlin Calderon, 19

Josue Panacual, 19

Yordanny Sosa, 19

Anthony Valenzuela, 19

Luis Velazquez, 19

Denny Larrondo, 18

Jose Chambuco, 18

Gerardo Abrego, 18

Jose Bernabe, 18

Yordi Pichardo, 18

Angel Sanchez, 18

Geralmi Santana, 18


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