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  • James Vlietstra

Imagining Catching #61 or #62

by James Vlietstra

September 22, 2022


If I caught the record setting ball…

Aaron Judge’s 60th home run ball was estimated by Darren Rovell to be worth between $150,000-250,000. The fan that caught it essentially gave it back to Judge in exchange for about $1,000 in memorabilia.

The record tying 61 will probably double that. The AL record breaking 62nd will likely be in excess of one million dollars!

Every home run ball beyond that will probably be worth six digits until his last one of the season which could ultimately be valued at closer to two to three million dollars.

There’s been a lot of recent discussion as to what people would do if you were the lucky fan to catch the ball. Because of this, I thought about what I would ask for.

I don’t think I would want anything for free. For tax reasons, everything would be paid for at an extremely reduced rate. Next, if I am going to give up a potentially life altering payday, I am going to need a significant amount in exchange. Especially, if it’s memorabilia that doesn’t cost the Yankees or Aaron Judge anything.

So let’s start with team signed ball. A signed ball by every living Yankees alumni would be a good start. Next some personalized stuff from Mr. Judge himself would be fair. Let's say a glove, a bat, home jersey, away jersey. Maybe a dinner with him during spring training.

From the Yankees, I'd ask for four Legends tickets to Opening Day, Old Timers Day, and any special retirement ceremony, plus five random games during the regular season, and one game per playoff round for the next 20 years, along with the parking. I would also ask for tickets to the Homecoming Dinner for life and four front row tickets to five spring training games for life.

The corporate sponsors will most likely use all of this as a promotional opportunity. Maybe they go for it, maybe they don’t, but I would definitely request some items from the corporate sponsors.

So, from corporate sponsors, I would ask for Delta airline miles, an Audi R8, a Ford F350, some NYY steakhouse dinners, Avis rentals, Hess fuel, Pepsi products, Canon cameras, Motorola phones, Anheuser Busch products, and State Farm insurance for my new vehicles.

So here’s my breakdown… from Aaron Judge, mostly some time, from his teammates, some signatures, from the Yankees, my presence, from the sponsors, their best advertising.

I think everyone goes home happy.

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