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Juan Soto is a Yankee (Also, Verdugo)

by EJ Fagan

December 8, 2023


NOTE: The following comes from EJ Fagan's substack page and is shared with permission.

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It seemed inevitable because it was.

The Yankees acquired Juan Soto and Trent Grisham in return for Michael King, Drew Thorpe, Randy Vasquez, Jhony Brito and Kyle Higashioka.

It’s a steep price to pay. Had the Yankees roster been in better shape, I think they might have tried to hold out for a better deal. Soto is an expensive, one-year rental whose elite bat isn’t matched by defense. But the Yankees roster was in terrible shape. They needed an elite left-handed hitting outfielder. The Padres knew that they could demand the haul they got.

But Soto is worth it:

It’s an incredible batting profile. He takes more walks, by a lot, than anyone in the league, while also for excellent power and good contact. He’s a bad defensive player, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he has an extra gear in his defense that we didn’t see on bad Padres and Nationals teams.

He’s also fun as anything to watch, with an animated style in the batter’s box:

Soto immediately becomes the best protection that Aaron Judge has ever had. Over the past few years, the Yankees have relied on old men Rizzo and Stanton to make sure that Judge got fastballs. Now, they can either bat Soto behind Judge or, more likely, make sure that at least half of his plate appearances will come with men on base. Judge is going to hit some home runs next year.

Maybe the Yankees sign him long term. I wonder just how crazy that contract is going to get. I suspect that both sides will feel each other out during the 2024 season and decide if they want to be married for the rest of Soto’s career. Trading for him certainly can’t hurt, but I’m skeptical that Soto will sign a big contract before hitting free agency.

The other guy is good too

Let’s quickly talk about Alex Verdugo. As I wrote a month ago, he’s fine. He wouldn’t have been worth trading for Gleyber Torres, but I’m a little shocked at how little the Yankees had to give up to get him. Nice trade.

Verdugo has matured into a budget version of Andrew Benintendi: high contact, average on base, low power while playing solid defense in a corner outfield spot. A few quick thoughts in bullet point form:

  • I’m curious to see if Verdugo’s swing changes as a Yankee. He’s adopted an opposite field approach to take advantage of the Green Monster in Fenway. It hasn’t worked well; Verdugo had a lot more power as a prospect than he showed in the majors, and didn’t have the opposite field approach on the 2019 Dodgers. Maybe he’ll try taking advantage of the short porch in New York.

  • Verdugo really needs to be platooned. Against right-handed pitchers, he’s hit a strong .290/.346/.461, but only .259/.315/.350 against left-handed pitchers. The Yankees don’t currently have much of a bench. I wonder if they bring in a right-hander to take some of Verdugo’s at bats and pinch hit.

  • His defense is fine. He hasn’t played much left field recently, but that’s mostly because Fenway is weird. He’s not Brett Gardner, but Verdugo will be an upgrade over the mess of the 2023 Yankees in Left Field.

Bottom line

In pure wins terms, the Yankees improve. A lot. The Yankees were the worst team in the majors in left field fWAR, at -1.2. Verdugo is at least a three win improvement with some upside. Center is a little more complicated because it looks like Judge and Grisham will share the load, but the Yankees were 24th in the league at +1.5 fWAR. Soto is good for an easy 6 fWAR, maybe more. With these two additions alone, the Yankees could improve from 82 wins to 91 wins. It’s hard to imagine a bigger improvement in the outfield.

Things obviously get more complicated if everyone is healthy and Jasson Dominguez returns, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I think the Yankee lineup against right-handed pitching looks something like this:

  • LF Verdugo

  • 2b Torres

  • RF Soto

  • CF Judge

  • 1b Rizzo

  • DH Stanton

  • 3b LeMahieu

  • C Wells/Trevino

  • SS Volpe

Wow. What an improvement over the abysmal 2023 Yankee lineup. Also, their top-3 hitters in this lineup all have a little extra motivation in their contract years.

Against left-handed pitching, I’m not sure we can predict the lineup yet. Maybe Stanton plays the field, but then who DHs? The Yankees bench feels incomplete at the moment.

Finally, let’s talk a little bit about the pitching staff. Losing Mike King hurts. I think there’s a good chance that King blossoms into an elite starting pitcher in 2024. But, there’s also a good chance that he gets exposed during a full season starting. The Yankees built up a ton of value in King in late 2023, and they are selling high. Thorpe hurts almost as much; I’d bet on Thorpe having a long MLB career as a solid mid-rotation starter. The Yankees rotation is now short one starting pitcher. Cross your fingers for Yamamoto.


Dec 08, 2023

I believe Yankees did not overpay for Soto, in fact this might be one of the best steals in quite some time. If Soto pans out, has a fantastic season and the Yankees sign him to a long term contract.... you won't read or hear Yankee fans complaining. Reality is when the Yankees are good it is also very good for baseball and generates a level of excitement to the game. Go Yankees! 😃


Dec 08, 2023

I'm not pleased with this acquisition, but if he is a Yankee, I will root for him.

I wonder if his success against lefties will improve if he abandons the opposite field approach.


Dec 08, 2023

if the Yankees are willing to cough up the bucks, they have a great replacement for Stanton.

costly as an acquisition and fearsomely expensive to keep, Soto's bat has enough promise to refresh the entire line-up.

takes much of the pressure from Torres, Rizzo and LeMahieu who will provide excellent quality as the 5, 6 and 7 guys

after Dominguez returns and bats 4th, behind Judge

Dec 09, 2023
Replying to

no room for Dominguez???

because guys cost money?

Dominguez also cost money, Alan.

and neither Grisham nor Verdugo will keep Dominguez from playing when he's good to do again.

the main problem for the Yankee outfield is whether they can do something with Stanton so that Soto may be safely kept away from the outfield

if they DH Soto, they are able to keep Judge's big legs out of center field.

Dominguez can play center or left

and the outfield defense will be pretty good


Alan B.
Alan B.
Dec 08, 2023

All season Soto & Judge hit 2 & 3, unless Judge hits leadoff, like he has on occasion. If Soto hits behind Judge, as I suspect he will, I would hit Torres behind Soto, but I suspect Cashman will insist to start that Stanton hits behind Soto. 👎

Putting up Verdugo's numbers to me doesn't scream out platoon. Soto will be the primary RF when Judge is in CF, except in Boston & Houston, when Soto will be in LF. Playing Grisham moves everyone around as he will be in CF.

The above said, are we sure that everything stays as is ? I'm not. Saying that the Yankees will sign Yamamoto or Imanaga to be in the rotation, the…

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