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  • James Vlietstra

Minor League Player-by-Player Update

by James Vlietstra

July 12, 2023


As the All-Star break is approaching, I figured it was a good time to evaluate the Yankees top 75 prospects or so from our offseason rankings. Through a half a season, let’s see whose stock is rising, maintaining, or dropping.

1. Anthony Volpe ⬆️ He’s struggled at times, but has 12 HRs, 16 SBs and 1.9 WAR halfway through the season. I see 25 HRs, 40 SBs, 4.5 WAR and a run at ROY award. Hard for reasonable people to complain.

2. Jasson Dominguez ➖ Has a .700 OPS which is disappointing. However he’s playing AA ball as a 20 year old. Recently he’s been showing signs of improvement. If he nudges it up to .770 by year end, he’ll enter spring training on the 40-man roster, looking to win a job.

3. Oswald Peraza ⬆️ Has a.860 OPS in AAA and clearly doesn’t belong there anymore. Only has had 95 MLB plate appearances to date, so is below the 150 rookie threshold but that’s likely to change in the second half whether via injury or DFA.

4. Austin Wells ➖ Continues to get reps as catcher in AA. His .805 OPS suggests his bat is MLB ready. Has to be added to the 40-man roster this winter. I suggest getting his bat in the lineup this season and replacing an offensive non factor.

5. Spencer Jones ➖ Has an .800 OPS in Hi-A, but with way too many strikeouts. Give him some time and he should start dominating again like he did last year.

6. Everson Pereira ⬆️ Was injured early on in the season. He returned to have a .948 OPS and earn a promotion to AAA. Already on the 40-man, the next time they need an outfielder, it should be him.

7. Roderick Arias ⬆️ Has a .955 OPS as an 18 year old in the FCL. A late season promotion to Tampa is likely.

8. Brock Selvidge ➖ Currently has a 4/1 strike out to walk ratio in Lo-A Tampa. Could see the rest of his numbers improve quickly.

9. Trey Sweeney ➖ Has a.788 OPS in AA as a 23 year old. Definitely room for improvement but on the horizon.

10. Richard Fitts ⬆️ Has a 4.6/1 strike out to walk ratio in AA. Quickly emerging as the best pitcher in the organization.

11. Will Warren ➖ Pitching in AAA, his strike out to walk rate is 2.75/1. Could get the call up to the majors at any moment and would likely be effective.

12. Keiner Delgado ⬆️ Has a .860 OPS in the FCL, but he’s not exactly young for the league.

13. Luis Gil ➖ Injured all year as he’s recovering from TJS. We should start hearing more

about his rehab and should be coming to spring training at close to full strength. Will need some time to build strength and get his feel back.

14. Drew Thorpe ⬆️ 22 years old, and dominates Hi-A with a 3.76 k/w ratio, 7-1 record, 2.33 ERA, and 1.07 WHIP. A promotion is imminent.

15. Brando Mayea ➖ Has a .808 OPS in the DSL as a 17 year old, but so does everyone else. He was one of the biggest names in this year’s IFA class.

16. Randy Vasquez ⬆️ Has made three successful starts in the Majors and is likely to get many more as the dog day’s approach.

17. Brendan Beck ⬆️ Returning from TJS, currently has a 4.67 k/w ratio, 0.00 ERA, and 0.66 WHIP. He just needs to get his arm strength built back up and he will quickly become a top 6-8 player.

18. Sean Hermann ➖ Pitching in Lo-A as a 20 year old, his results have been mixed.

19. Yoendrys Gomez ➖ Once again was injured this year. He’s back with AA with a 1.21 ERA and 1.16 WHIP, despite walking too many. He’s been on the 40-man for several years and is about out of options. Needs to stay on the field and advance to the big leagues or risk his spot in the organization.

20. Luis Serna ➖ Reached the FCL as an 18 year old which is impressive, but he’s only thrown 2 innings so far.

21. Deivi Garcia ⬇️ Can’t seem to throw strikes. Whether in the minors or majors, he is walking too many. I can’t see him keeping his roster spot next year when he’s out of options.

22. Tyler Harman ⬆️ Has a.854 OPS in AA with 20 HRs. This after leading the affiliates last year with RBIs.

23. Ron Marinaccio ⬆️ Key component of the big league bullpen. Has exceeded his rookie limits.

24. Agustin Ramirez ⬆️ A 21 year old catcher in Hi-A with an OPS of .830 needs to be protected against the rule 5 draft.

25. Clayton Beeter ⬆️ High strikeouts and low ERA in AAA means he’s a phone call away from being in the rotation.

26. Justin Lange ➖ Still only 21, he’s in Lo-A, but he needs to reduce his walks.

27. Emmanuel Tejeda ⬆️ Not only already at FCL at 18, but excelling to the tune of a 1.059 OPS.

28. Andres Chaparro ➖ Has a .788 OPS in AAA, but is blocked by lots in this organization.

29. Matt Sauer ⬇️ Has only pitched 18, subpar innings in AA so far.

30. Estevan Florial ⬆️ Currently has a .985 OPS in AAA, but is no longer on the 40-man roster. That puts him in an odd position. He has performed wonderfully on the field at AAA, but it’s clear that he’s not in the Yankees plans. So do they trade him? Some team has to give him a look, right?

31. Elijah Dunham ⬇️ He is 25 and was recently demoted to AA because his OPS is only .664. He’s getting passed on the depth chart.

32. Trystan Vrieling ➖ Still has yet to make his professional debut and is on the 60 day IL. Whatever issue he is dealing with, the Yankees likely knew about it when they picked him in the third round last year.

33. Jesus Rodriguez ⬆️ He is a 21 year old catcher in Lo-A with a .808 OPS.

34. Antonio Gomez ➖ He is a 21 year old catcher in Hi-A with a .667 OPS. He’s been considered defensively capable of moving up, however, is offensive production is poor.

35. Hans Montero ⬆️ He’s 19 and is ripping up the FCL, with an OPS of 1.086. A promotion could be coming.

36. Carson Coleman ⬇️ Injured. On the 60-day IL.

37. Matt Krook ⬆️ Has contributed in the Majors. His AAA ERA is 1.17 and WHIP is 1.04.

38. Fidel Montero ⬇️ Injured- full season. Missing lots of developmental time.

39. Jared Serna ⬆️ Has a .833 OPS at 21, in Lo-A.

40. Anthony Hall ⬆️ Had an OPS of .839 in Tampa before being injured.

41. Jhony Brito ⬆️ Has pitched in 12 MLB games and has exceeded the rookie limit of 50 innings.

42. Josh Breaux ⬇️ He’s 25, in AA, with an OPS of .522. Has fallen to 7th on the depth chart.

43. Indigo Diaz ➖ Compiles strikeouts in HV, but not much else.

44. Montana Semmel ➖ Still only 21, he has a 2.71 k/w rate in the FCL.

45. Tyrone Yulie ⬆️ Having a solid year in Hi-A as a 21 year old.

46. Alexander Vargas ⬇️ Struggling With a .620 OPS at Hi-A.

47. Anthony Seigler ⬇️ Has a .555 OPS in AA. Looking like he is yet another Yankees first round flop.

48. Juan Carela ⬆️ Dominating Hi-A as a 21 year old. 3.58 k/w rate, 2.99 ERA, 1.11 WHIP.

49. Sean Boyle ➖ Has a 3.0 K/W rate in AAA, but everything else is poor.

50. Jerson Alejandro➖ Has only thrown 13 innings so far in the DSL as a 17 year old.

51. Mitch Spence ➖ AAA pitcher throwing numbers that match his career. Is a work horse and could fill in the rotation at any point if needed.

52. Willy Montero ⬆️ Has a .819 OPS him FCL at 18.

53. Edgar Barclay ⬆️ Was injured early, now in AA trying to earn his way to the big leagues. 3.56 K/W, 0.44 ERA, 1.06 WHIP.

54. Oriel Rodriguez ⬆️ Is about due a promotion as so far in the FCL he has a 4.8 K/W rate, 1.83 ERA, and 1.07 Whip as a 21 year old.

55. Anthony Garcia ⬇️ Only has a .603 OPS in Hi-A.

56. Felix Negueis ⬇️ Has a .416 OPS in Tampa.

57. Omar Gonzalez ➖ Has pitched only 11 innings so far in the DSL at 17.

58. Greg Weissert ⬆️ Has pitched in six MLB games, contributing to the team.

59. Abrahan Ramirez ⬆️ Repeating the DSL as an 18 year old with an OPS of .876.

60. Ben Cowles ➖ Has a .731 OPS for HV.

61. Brandon Lockridge ⬆️ After a terrible 2022, he has emerged as a legitimate big league option having a .884 OPS in Scranton.

62. Henry LaLane ➖ Has only pitched 3 innings so far in the FCL.

63. Jack Neely ⬆️ Dominating Hi-A with a 4.14 K/W rate, 2.48 ERA, and 0.91 Whip. Needs a promotion to be challenged.

64. Jordarlin Mendoza ⬆️ Has struck out 19 in 14 IP in the FCL.

65. Eric Reyzelman ➖ Last year’s fifth round pick is on the 60 day IL and hasn’t pitched at all.

66. TJ Rumfield ➖ Has a .753 OPS in Somerset.

67. Nick Ernst ⬇️ Was released and signed by the White Sox.

68. Engelth Urena ➖ Hasn’t played yet this year.

69. Angel Benitez ➖ On 60 day IL, hasn’t played at all.

70. Jesus Bastidas ➖ Has a .746 OPS in AAA. Could step into a major league role at any moment.

71. Carlos LaGrange ➖ Has 22 strikeouts in 17 IP in the FCL as a 20 year old.

72. Christopher Familia ⬆️ Dominating Hi-A with a 1.165 OPS.

73. Zach Messinger ⬆️ Has 85 strikeouts in 68 IP for HV.

74. Chase Hampton ⬆️ A 21 year old dominating AA with a 4.68 K/W, 3.12 ERA, and 1.04 whip.

75. Ryder Green ⬇️ Has been released.

Aaron Palensky ⬆️ Has a 1.041 OPS in AA. Rule 5 eligible.

Gabriel Terrero ⬆️ Has a 1.067 OPS in the DSL at 17.

Josue Gonzalez ⬆️ Has a 1.521 OPS as a 19 year old catcher in the DSL.

Anthony Peña ⬆️ The 17 year old has a 1.009 OPS.

Ben Rortvedt ⬆️ Has a .969 OPS in AAA.

Ryan Anderson ⬆️ Has a 7.5 K/W rate, 2.58 ERA, and 0.94 whip in AA.

Danny Watson ⬆️ Was promoted to AA. On the year, he has 5-1 record, 1.59 ERA, 0.882 Whip, 3.6 K/W rate.


Jul 12, 2023

Thanks for the update ... its nice to see some love being posted for Yankee minor league players.

Jul 13, 2023
Replying to

Completely agree


Alan B.
Alan B.
Jul 12, 2023

Jones - way too streaky offensively.

Catchers (all levels now) Navareaz, Durom, Flores, Rice, Rodriguez, all playing 1B a good part of the time. Rodriguez is playing 3B.

Hardman still having difficulty with the throws from 3B. Power is there.

Rumfield showing some lefthanded power but very low average.

Sweeney is who is. Has some lefty pop, will hit about .240, plays OK D.

Getting back to Dominguez and ill even throw Jones into this comment. Walk 125 times if you have to. Don't need to hit to move up. Both of them chase too much instead of laying off. Both also need to go up there looking for that outside part of the plate, first pitch FB that constantly…

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Jul 13, 2023
Replying to

Great point. When that happened my initial thought was, "Wouldn't teams rather have more than fewer players available?"


Alan B.
Alan B.
Jul 12, 2023

So many things on the surface tgatcare wiyger arong or incomplete by this article.

Pereira was never hurt. That was confirmed by the organization. He was doing everything thry asked him to do.

This is not the Deivi, or close to it, that we saw in 2020. Chalk up anotger fail by Briend & Co.

Dunham. Positional players in this system do not get the same respect as the arms. Arms are allowed to struggle at their new levels without being demoted.

Lockridge. Hit .329 in 2022 at AA, never was promoted until well into his 3rd season at AA.

Breaux. Hurt, off to a rough start postc injury and blocked in AAA by minor league vets.

After what Dominguez…

Jul 12, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for reading

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