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Omar Minaya Hired To Aid the Front Office

by Paul Semendinger

January 5, 2023


Amazing. Simply amazing. The Yankees are doing good things to make the team better not just on the field but in the offices as well.

President John F. Kennedy once supposedly said, when surrounded by the impressive brain trust of his cabinet as they sat in the Oval Office), "There hasn't been this much brain power in this room since Thomas Jefferson sat here alone."

The Yankees, I am sure, have brilliant minds in their organization. And, as I have said, often, I am primarily a supporter of Brian Cashman. (That doesn't mean I sometimes don't get frustrated with the moves he makes, but...)

I was very pleased the other day when the Yankees brought in Brian Sabean as a Senior Advisor.

Today, the Yankees did it again.

Today, the Yankees brought in Omar Minaya to also work with and advise Brian Cashman.

The Yankees are creating a powerful and impressive brain trust.

Jack Curry notes:

As noted, Sabean and Minaya were brought in to be "other voices in the Yankees’ decision room." The Yankees (or Jack Curry) are noting that it is , "Important to mix analytics info and scouting info."

To which I respond, "YES." And, "Yes, yes, yes, and yes."

(And maybe a "Thank you" as well.)

Right now most teams are looking at things in the same exact ways. There is nothing wrong with analytics, but when information is used for the sake of information at the exclusion of the fact that players are human beings and devoid of common sense, it becomes a problem.

Over the last many years, I believe, the Yankees have bought in too much to analytics. That was one reason they didn't get lefty bats a few years ago. The stats told them that a right-handed lineup could do just as well. (The numbers were wrong.)

I also believe Aaron Boone's managerial approach is based more on analytics than common sense at times (for example when they or he pre-determines, days in advance the day a player gets a rest).

To me this looks like the Yankees are looking for a better balance - and that can only help.

The key to success is often original thinking - not just doing what everyone else is doing. Too many teams use that approach, they follow what worked for someone else and try (often unsuccessfully) to model that approach as their own.

It looks like the Yankees are looking to establish their own approach - using the numbers smartly, and also using common sense, scouting data, and more, to build the best possible team and to make the best decisions.

I applaud big thinking.

I applaud Brian Cashman for bringing in voices that can help him. (I have worked with many leaders, for decades, and it's rare to find ones that are wiling to be challenged by opposing voices and perspectives - to the detriment of the organization.) Brian Cashman is demonstrating, again, that he is wiling, able, and wants to see and hear other ideas, other approaches, and such. Only good can come from that.

The Yankees haven't won a World Series since 2009. They've only been to the World Series once since 2001. It's been a long time since the Yankees were the standard for success.

I believe that these moves further indicate that the Yankees are looking to use every approach to be successful in 2023 and beyond.

GOOD FOR THE YANKEES! I applaud this move.


Jul 26, 2023

It's an interesting move to bring Omar Minaya onboard to aid the front office. Given Minaya's experience, he will likely bring some valuable insights to the team. However, the key to success in today's baseball landscape isn't just experience, but the ability to embrace modern office methods. This approach involves making data-driven decisions, leveraging technology, and streamlining operations. For those interested in the kind of innovations that might be useful to a modern front office, check out Modern Office Methods. It provides valuable resources that can help organizations evolve with the times. We can only hope that this blend of experience and innovation can lead the team to great success in the upcoming season.


Jan 05, 2023

Good move. Minaya is a great talent evaluator. Hopefully, he and Sabean will have a very strong voice in player acquisition, something that Cashman leaves much to be desired.


Andy Singer
Andy Singer
Jan 05, 2023

This move (and the hiring of Brian Sabean) highlights what I've been saying for years: the Yankees (and Brian Cashman) value skills of BOTH the analytical and traditional scouting communities. Is this a hiring that speaks to an imbalance in the Yankees scouting/analytical approach? Maybe, maybe not. Or is it more about the Yankees being at a critical juncture with premium prospects in the high minors while being ready to compete at the Major League level? Analytics can only help to a point in identifying prospects who are ready to make the next step. Whatever their flaws, Sabean and Minaya have a track record of evaluating players at those junctures, and it makes sense to get fresh/outside opinions.

Again, real…


Jan 05, 2023

Omar Minaya? Really? Didn't he make a mess in his numerous tenures with the Mets?

Andy Singer
Andy Singer
Jan 05, 2023
Replying to

For sure, luckily he's not running anything here. What most give Minaya credit for is talent evaluation, particularly minor league talent evaluation. I think it's clear that the Yankees want outside, fresh perspective on the state of their internal farm system before they make more moves.


Jan 05, 2023

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