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One Last Shot… A Real Life Baseball Story (Season 2, vol. 3) “The Birthday No-Hitter!&#8

by Paul Semendinger, Ed.D. July 12, 2020


Ever since it became official that our baseball season would begin on July 12 (my birthday), I was certain, absolutely certain, that I’d celebrate my big day by throwing a no-hitter!

I wrote about it here.

I’ve also been telling everyone I know, “I will throw a no-hitter on my birthday!”


And, this is the absolute truth. 100% True.

No one got a hit off me today!


We were rained out.

It’s not raining today, but the previous few days saw a deluge and the field is under water.


In New Jersey, it hasn’t rained on a Saturday or Sunday in months.

Weeks and weeks and months of months of dreaming about playing ball…

Waiting and waiting and waiting…

The, finally, our season is on the brink of starting…

And we get rained out.



I did play softball. I tested the Achilles for three innings at second base. I turned a 1-4-3 double play and went 2-for-3. It’s a positive step.


The next time July 12 appears on a Sunday in 2026. I’ll have to throw a no-hitter that day – when I’m 58 years old. (It better not rain!)

I drew the graphic below last year. It’s an appropriate way to end the post today.

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