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  • Tim Kabel

Opening Day... A Poem

by Tim Kabel

March 28, 2024


Opening Day

The boy entered the great stadium, wearing his new cap and clutching his grandfather's hand

It was his first time there, but since he was missing school, he knew it was for something grand

As they came out of the tunnel, the boy glimpsed the sky of azure blue and the field so fresh and green

He could hardly breathe; it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen

His young head was flooded with a myriad of sights, sounds, and scents

His grandfather smiled and rubbed the lad's head, knowing it was a day well spent

The boy and the old man watched their team take the field and jumped up with a cheer

The lad was so energized that he spilled someone's beer

They watched the game closely; the boy learned, while the grandfather taught

They ate and they laughed but, the boy spent the day deep in thought

The grandfather was bestowing a gift; passing on his love of the game

He knew that one day in the future, the lad would do the same

The pitcher took the field with his teammates, to a roar, long and loud

As he kicked the dirt on the mound, he scanned the crowd

He caught sight of the boy and his grandfather, and he smiled

For a moment, he was in the crowd, once again, a child

Soon, the pitcher went to work, something he did with joy

His mastery and command brought a sense of wonderment to the boy

The grandfather watched with a keen eye, the way the pitcher controlled the game

The old man knew his grandson would never be the same

He had passed on to the boy a love for the game that would last all of his days

He had help from the hurler; the boy's eyes sparkled watching his pitches blaze

The pitcher left the mound, the game well in-hand, to a deafening cheer

Memories rushed in as he saw the old man and the boy, and his eyes welled with tears

The grandfather watched the game with joy but, also a touch of sorrow

Yesterday, he had been the one on the mound but, now it was tomorrow

Once, he had been the hero; the one basking in the glory

Today, he was the witness to someone else's story

On the way home, he would tell the boy of his exploits and feats

After today, the lad would cherish the tales as wonderful treats

The grandfather remembered his own prowess and skill

Yet, he watched with admiration as the pitcher worked from the hill

There was a thread that connected the grandfather, the pitcher and the boy

Something that filled them each in their own way, with wonder and joy          


At some point in time, they would all be in each other's place

As the game itself moved at its leisurely and beautiful pace  



Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
Mar 28

I've been to three Opening Days, all at Yankee Stadium II: 1976, the first game after the remodel (my parents gave me a note to get out of school early, and I bought a bleacher ticket for the outrageous price of $10 -- it was a different time). 1978, Reggie Bar Day with my Mom (first game after Reggie's three homers against the Dodgers in the World Series the year before; he hit another one his first time up, leading to a barrage of giveaway Reggie Bars that delayed the game). 1998, the highest-scoring game in Yankee history vs. the A's. That was also the only year I went to the first and last games at the Stadium (WS …


Mar 28

Great poem. For me, it was different. My parents and grandparents had no interest in baseball or sports. I developed my passion for baseball with classmates and childhood friends growing up, as well as on my own.


Mar 28

Tim, I like it! Just a side note…John Fogerty did Centerfield!


Alan B.
Alan B.
Mar 28

Great poem Tim.

It is the day to read Mighty Casey, and any of the other additions.

Put on John Cougar Mellencamp's Centerfield and Terry Cashman's Talkin' Baseball too!

I had a boss who gave me a ticket to OD 2014 at the Stadium, Jeter's last one. Best part my manager was pissed off that I didn't show or call in, and only one of the other bosses told him. Being at OD is very special.

Mar 28
Replying to

And also "Cheap Seats" by Alabama. An awesome song about attending Minor League Baseball games.


Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Mar 28

Great job Tim!

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