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Perspectives: DH Sweep (and More)

by Paul Semendinger, ED.D.

September 8, 2022


Michael Saffer, a great friend took me to the Yankees game(s) last night. We had a great time at the Stadium. As much as this Yankees team frustrates me, being at the ballpark and talking baseball is a great way to spend some time, especially when it is with a great friend.

Here are some thoughts, perspectives, and more:

  • The Yankees swept the doubleheader, this is true. Good for them. They have to win the games in front of them. The goal is to win.

  • We arrived late for the first game and saw it from the seventh inning on, once the score was already tied 3-3. But, the Yankees didn't win that first game as much as the Twins lost it. That it took the Yankees so many innings to finally put it away says a lot about the team. In short, the Twins played a horrible brand of baseball. It seemed like they made at least one error every inning. And it took inning after inning for the Yankees to finally score. I understand that the Yankees trotted out their Triple-A lineup, but watching them leaving baserunners on inning after inning was amazing (and not in a good way) to see.

  • Are DJ LeMahieu and Giancarlo Stanton so hurt that they couldn't even pinch hit last night?

  • The Stadium for the first game was empty, even as the original game time approached. Then it stayed mostly empty for the second game as well. I don't know why the Yankees were unable to draw a crowd to last night's game(s). I can understand the first game, the rainout make-up that started at 3:00 p.m., but the nightcap's attendance was also poor.

  • I love Yankee Stadium, mostly because I love the Yankees (of course), but it's not the best place to watch a baseball game. They play sounds like that Star Wars monster noise that is just horrible to listen to. In short, there is a lot of "sound pollution" that distracts from the whole experience. It feels like the Yankees don't trust the product on the field so they try too hard to over compensate. If this noise makes some fans enjoy the experience more (I can't see how), it makes others enjoy it a lot less.

  • Quick advice for the Yankees when it comes to the abundance of sounds at the ballpark - less is more.

  • Also, I never want to hear about the Yankees and the luxury tax ever again. Yankee Stadium, which used to be such a pretty venue to watch a game (even if I liked the old stadium more) is now a place littered with signage and ads. Littered. The Yankees have sold virtually every square inch of the stadium for ads. It's gross. Completely. Each year this has gotten worse, but now it's a complete train wreck. There is not an inch of space, that the Yankees haven't sold for some type of advertisement. They have taken the stadium and prostituted it for the sake of more and more money. The old outfield scoreboard, such a part of the new stadium, is gone. The only thing left without ads is the frieze. As Michael noted, it won't be long before these are sold to Crayola and colored like giant crayons. It's not just overkill with all the ads, it's obscene.

  • In his article on a Yankees Hall of Fame a few weeks ago, Ethan even noted that the Yankees Museum is sponsored by Bank of America. The Yankees have an addiction to selling out to sponsors. Never the prettiest ballpark (compared to Camden Yards, CitiField and others), they've made Yankee Stadium ugly as a result.

  • Quick advice for the Yankees when it comes to the abundance of signs at the ballpark - less is more.

  • Between games, we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. The onion rings were delicious!!!

  • In the second game, Gerrit Cole was AMAZING. Wow! This was the guy the Yankees were supposed to have signed. He stepped up and pitched lights-out. When Carlos Correa homered off him, I though that he might fall apart, but he didn't. I hope to see a lot more of this version of Gerrit Cole going forward.

  • He might not hit much, but Estevan Florial plays an excellent centerfield. I still say the Yankees should play him. Every day. Always. Aaron Hicks had a big hit, a three-run double, late in the game to put the game, 4-1 at the time, away, making it 7-1. It was a good hit, but it was a lot of nothing. The Twins were already done. It was Hicks' first extra base hit since JULY 9. Yes, July 9. Two months. There is no good reason why Aaron Hicks should be starting at the expense of Estevan Florial. Florial at least has the potential to have a future. I keep hearing that they Yankees have to "PAY THE MAN" in regard to Aaron Judge. In regard to Florial, "PLAY THE MAN."

  • In a similar line of thinking, Oswald Peraza must play shortstop every game going forward.

  • Oswaldo Cabrera is a bundle of energy and fun. He's having a great time out there. He brings great energy to the team. I'm shocked by how well he plays right field. The Yankees took a big risk plugging him in there, but he's doing great.

  • These kids won't get better and acclimate to big league pitching unless they play. Again, there is no reasonable explanation why veterans who have not done the job - guys like Aaron Hicks, Tim Locastro, IKF, Josh Donaldson, and etc... should be getting playing time over these young players.

  • Speaking of IFK, he should just stay at third base and be the utility player when or if LeMahieu comes back and plays there. WE've seen more than enough of Josh Donaldson.

  • One fan close to us screamed "CHEATER" incessantly whenever Carlos Correa came to bat. On and on, "CHEATER! CHEATER!! CHEATER!!! CHEATER!!!!" He was silent when Marwin Gonzalez batted.

  • Aaron Judge, right now, is the Yankees' offense. For that reason, why, please tell me why, the Yankees had him steal third in the first inning. If Judge gets hurt, the Yankees have nothing left. They're done. He does not need to be diving head first into a base.

  • The fans booed each time Judge was intentionally walked, but I have to ask, why should the Twins pitch to him? If the fans were managing, they'd do the same. Maybe many are just caught up, like the Yankees, with making meaningless noise.

  • Speaking of Judge, I still don't think he's coming back after the season. I have written about this before. (And will again.) Many think he might go to the Dodgers or the Mets or the Giants. I think he's going to the Twins. I think he wants to bat second behind Luis Arraez. It makes too much sense.*

  • Defeating the Twins isn't necessarily an accomplishment, but the goal is to win the games on the schedule. If the Yankees get the Twins in the playoffs, I am very confident they'll win. The Twins were just bad.

  • Some fans booed Gio Urshela when he came up. Why? What did he do wrong? The Yankees traded him.

  • If Judge leaves the Yankees, I won't boo him. He has every right to play where he wishes.

  • *If you didn't get the Luis Arraez line above, maybe it's because it wasn't funny, but "Arise, Judge... " Get it?

  • *I seriously don't think Judge is coming back, but he certainly won't be on the Twins.

  • Let's go Yankees!!!


Sep 08, 2022

You said, "There is no good reason why Aaron Hicks should be starting". There is no good reason, why he's even on the team. Maybe he's a good guy, but that doesn't cut it. Release him and eat his contract.


Sep 08, 2022

The sound systems are cranked up way too loud in most MLB stadiums. Not excusing the Yankees but they're far from the exception of being much too loud and much too verbose.


Philip Cashier
Philip Cashier
Sep 08, 2022

Advertising: Just wait until the next year or two and instead of names above the numbers you'll see: JP Morgan Chase


Andy Singer
Andy Singer
Sep 08, 2022

Agree with a lot of your perspectives, Paul (particularly as they relate to the Stadium and the luxury tax), however I had the exact opposite impression of Florial yesterday. His skills in the outfield are excellent, with great speed and a rocket arm. However, the majority of his reads are really bad, and the only reason the Yanks needed extra innings in the first game was because of a Florial mis-read in CF.

The worst of the worst scouting reports have long noted Florial's lack of instincts in CF that lead to bad routes, and I had largely ignored those reports. I saw what his biggest detractors see yesterday. See Florial on the wrong day, and it's hard to ev…

Sep 08, 2022
Replying to

"Killmenow B's" I love it


Sep 08, 2022

as for the luxury tax, the Yankees have succeeded in shedding the Steingrabber label

and have reached a position where the payroll is no longer far above that of all the other teams.

they not only will be able to open the vault for the man, but also can add an additional big-ticket item without raising too many eyebrows.

they need a young lefty slugger and one more good starter.... if only someone fit that description

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