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Perspectives: Glass Half-Full

By Paul Semendinger

November 1, 2023


I figured...why not?

I thought, if everything could go basically as planned for the Yankees in 2024, meaning, if every player simply had his typical season, what might the team's production look like?

You know... it wouldn't be too bad!


1b - Anthony Rizzo = .263/29/92 125 OPS+, 3.9 WAR

2b - Gleyber Torres = .267/27/83 115 OPS+, 3.2 WAR

ss - Anthony Volpe = .263/18/56 (his typical minor league season)

3b- DJ LeMahieu = .292/13/65 102 OPS+, 3.3 WAR

lf - Well, I want to be glass half-full, but the Yankees don't have a left fielder yet

cf - I really want to be positive, but, well, see left field

rf - Aaron Judge = .282/50/111 164 OPS+, 8.1 WAR

c - Austin Wells = .260/18/71 (minor league)

dh = Giancarlo Stanton = .259/42/109 137 OPS+, 4.6 WAR

SP - Gerrit Cole = 16-8, 3.17

SP - Carlos Rodon = 12-11, 3.83

SP - Nestor Cortes = 10-5, 3.82

SP - Clarke Schmidt = 8-11, 3.16

SP - Mike King = 6-4, 2.96

If, it's a big IF, the Yankees can secure two regular outfielders, and I'm not even going down the Juan Soto path here, I'm just saying two serviceable outfielders, two good, quality, 100 OPS+, 2.0 WAR players, the group above does not shape up as a poor team.

That group could actually be pretty good.

The problem is...


I won't do it. I said today I would look at the glass being half full.

Today, I'm staying as positive as I can.

If the players play to their career numbers in 2024, the Yankees could be okay.

Coming soon... a completely full glass.

Coming after... the empty glass.

12 Kommentare

Brad Scheller
Brad Scheller
01. Nov. 2023

Perhaps a more realistic forecast is:

  1. Stanton on IL for 81 games...released after ASB.

  2. Judge still suffers from toe injury as the training staff misdiagnoses him to have a concussion. IL for 45 games.

  3. King blows out arm and needs TJ surgery but training staff diagnoses it as blisters and keeps running him out until his arm literally falls off.

  4. Aaron Boone beaned by a foul ball and suffers a concussion, but training staff unfortunately diagnoses it as a toothache. "Boone-head" (do you see what I did there?) decisions become more frequent as he plays Judge at SS and moves Cole to RF. Rizzo named #3 starter and Holmes starts at 1B. Jon Heyman calls it brilliant because no one…

Gefällt mir

01. Nov. 2023


most any way you look at it, the Yankees should want to play three outfielders in every game.

it's what old-timers would call tried-and-true

Judge, in right field, is a good un

and Dominguez is like as not to return and serve as a nother

but Dominguez aint gonna be there when play resumes

so the team's gonna need two more.

great range and defense required of a centerfielder

a great deal of offense and only slightly better-than-average defense required of the guy in left.

HOWEVER with a really good and rangy guy in center, along with a good fielder in right, the team can go with a great hitter and sub-average fielder in left

or even a sub-average…

Gefällt mir

Alan B.
Alan B.
01. Nov. 2023

Oh, more glass full:

Rizzo: 131 games at 1B

LeMahieu: 123 games in the field

Wells: 101 GS at catcher

Dominguez: 52 games in the OF once healthy (my time line is he's back at the ASB)

Judge: 138 games in the field

Volpe: 149 games as the SS, avg/obp is .255/.330

Nothing for Torres or Peraza because I'm pretty sure one of them won't be here come the start of Spring.

Cabrera has 121 GP/ 79 GS. He will be the primary fill-in for Judge in RF.

The 3rd starting OF is NOT currently on the roster , or in the organization.

Gomez & Brito each have 40 games pitches and have about 83IP, with about 3.15 ERA, and…

Gefällt mir
Brad Scheller
Brad Scheller
01. Nov. 2023
Antwort an

I don't understand why people are calling for Blake's removal. The numbers say that he is doing an outstanding job in getting the most out of staff and reclamation projects.

Stating that he is bad at comforting pitchers with mound visits is a questionable excuse if his work between games is so good. And we don't know how much value he adds between innings in the dugout.

So please explain the reason to fire him

Gefällt mir

01. Nov. 2023

Paul A typical season for Volpe and anyone else should not be based on his minor league seasons Where his BA is listed at .263. Granted his only major league season batted .209. Really can‘t compare minors to majors. It a whole different ballgame.

Gefällt mir
Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
01. Nov. 2023
Antwort an

I don't disagree. This was just a fun exercise. The glass is half-full mind you. :)

Gefällt mir

Alan B.
Alan B.
01. Nov. 2023

Don't worry about Schmidt's W-L record, because I am 99.75% sure that he gets traded somewhere, for someone this off season.

Gefällt mir
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