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Perspectives: May 13, 2022

Wow. What more can a person say?


The Yankees are playing exceptional baseball. Almost record-setting baseball. Maybe this will be record-setting baseball.

I'm the guy who wants the Yankees to win every game. I want them to win always. But, I'm a realist. I know that's not possible. In 2022, so far at least, it actually seems somewhat possible.

This has been a very enjoyable season. It's been amazing. One can't ask for more.

Since April 19, the Yankees:

  • Took 2 of 3 from the Tigers

  • Won 3 of 3 from the Guardians

  • Won 3 of 3 from the Orioles

  • Won 3 of 3 from the Royals

  • Took 2 of 3 from the Blue Jays

  • Took 2 of 3 from the Rangers

  • Won 2 of 2 against the Blue Jays

  • Won the first game against the White Sox

That is just amazing:

  • I love teams that score runs and score runs in bunches. Even in a period where runs don't seem to be being scored in bunches, the Yankees seem to do this more and more. During the streak outlined above, the Yankees have scores ten or more runs in a game five times.

  • Aaron Judge has 11 homers on the season. Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo have nine each. Let's, for fun, extrapolate those numbers over a full season. Stanton and Rizzo would have 47 homers for the year. Aaron Judge would have 57. Oh my!

  • 23, 26, 28. Those are Rizzo's, Judge's, and Stanton's 2022 RBI's thus far. Over a season those become 120, 135, 146. Oh my! We have entered the land of the absurd. And it's great!

  • No starting player on the Yankees is hitting as high as .300. And yet they still have these totals. Wow.

  • The Yankees (23-8) are on pace to win 120 games.

  • This is too much fun.

Much of the above is probably not sustainable for the season, but this is what I have been hoping for, for years - to see the Yankees come out of the gate and win a ton of games. They are certainly doing that:

  • The Yankees lead the Major League in wins with 23. The closest American League teams are the Astros and the Angels who have each won 21 games.

  • The Mets, in the National League, have 22 wins.

  • The Yankees' winning percentage is .742. No other team in baseball has a winning percentage over .667 (the Mets).

  • The Yankees have a run differential of +60. That's off the charts good. The Angels (in the American League) are next best at +45. (Even crazier, the Dodgers, the N.L., are at +76.)

The Yankees have played 31 games. In under two weeks, they'll be at the season's 25% mark (40 games). The following teams were the best in baseball history after 40 games:

  • 1984 Tigers (35-5) - They went on to win the World Series

  • 1928 and 1939 Yankees (33-7) - They went on to win the World Series

  • 1902 Pirates and 1912 Giants (32-8) - There was no World Series (yet) in 1902, the Giants lost the 1912 World Series to the Red Sox.

It seems that the Yankees have a chance to enter some very exclusive company...

Day-by-day, they just need to keep this up.

I believe pennants can be won in April and May.

Let's Go Yankees.



May 13, 2022

understand what you're saying.

I used to find it absurd back when it was 2010 and the team was paying $22M to a 35 year old shortstop who couldn't field his position very well and who hit only .270 without any power.

always wondered why that dude not only was making all that money but also how the heck he got gold gloves and all-star berths.

because of Jeter, the team couldn't pay A-Rod or Sabathia or Teixiera.

of minor interest is that the team payroll was $213M in 2010.... which is about the same as $282M in Jan 1, 2022 money


Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
May 13, 2022

They are doing what they need to do during this part of the season. But let's recall that of their 31 games, only 9 have been against >.500 teams (all the Blue Jays; the Guardians and White Sox are both at .500). The test is going to be May 26 to June 26: 29 games, 23 against >.500 teams (and another three against the .500 White Sox). If they can beat up on the Rays, Angels and Cheatros, then this could be an epic, record-setting year. If they play like they did the first 13 games, this will turn into a grim, bitter slog.

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
May 13, 2022
Replying to

For now, I am enjoying the ride and keeping hope alive.


May 13, 2022

well, Paul, what now?

has Judge convinced you that he's worth the money?

are you now willing to add 40 or 50 million of your own bucks to supplement Cashman's offer?

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
May 13, 2022
Replying to

Fuster -

You do make me laugh sometimes.

If I owned the Yankees, and had billions, maybe, at this moment, I'd be thinking that I have to raise my offer, BUT, let's remember...

It's May 13.

If Judge gets hurt or slumps, he might find that he gets offered less.

What if he ends with just 25 homers this year?

What if he missed 7 weeks with an injury?

What if he goes 0-21 in the World Series?

Those things will cost him.

On the other hand, if he keeps this up, and I hope he does, maybe he will get ten years. Maybe he'll get $37.5 M.

Maybe he gets $40M

Even if he hits .338/54/154 this year, I…

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