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Perspectives: The Mets, A Trade, and More

by Paul Semendinger

July 28, 2022


At what point does a small sample size become not a small sample size?

  • The Yankees are 2-5 since the All-Star Break

  • The Yankees are 10-13 since June 30


These last few weeks we have seen the Yankees doing exactly what they did in the Aaron Boone seasons prior to this year - fail to hit with runners on base and in scoring position. Last night the Yankees left nine runners on base. They were 0-7 with runners in scoring position. This continues a trend in the games they are losing (and they're losing more than they're winning):

  • July 26: 10 runners Left on Base (LOB), 0-8 with Runners in Scoring Position (RISP)

  • July 23: 11 LOB, 1-14 RISP

  • July 21 (Game 2): 7 LOB, 1-6 RISP

  • July 21 (Game 1): 8 LOB, 1-8 RISP

  • July 15: 9 LOB, 2-15 RISP

On and on. And on. It's a trend that's real. And it's concerning. Very concerning.

The Yankees had those two blowouts against the Red Sox. other than those games, they really haven't been doing much at the plate in recent weeks.


So the Mets swept the two games at CitiField. I don't care about that. The Subway Series provides zero additional excitement for me. I don't believe in city bragging rights or any of that. It's a silly way that baseball tries to create more interest. To me interleague play adds nothing.

What I do care about is watching the Yankees winning games. I don't care if the games are against the Mets or the Red Sox or the Astros or the Tigers. I just want the Yankees to win. I long for a championship. To me it doesn't matter who they defeat, as long as they win the games they play.

I don't get extra excited when the Yankees beat the Mets. I also don't get extra discouraged when they lose to them. It's like that for every team as far as I am concerned. I just want the Yankees to win, and when they lose, I want them to come back the next day and play better.


Wandy Peralta is a fine pitcher, but if he's now the Yankees' ninth inning pitcher, that signals that the Yankees' bullpen is in trouble. Wandy Peralta is a nice middle-innings guy, not a high leverage pitcher.

The Trade Deadline is coming - and it is VERY clear that the Yankees need some help. They need more help than their overall record indicates because right now they are not the team that was on that magical run.


So the first big move made by the Yankees is getting Andrew Benintendi. I'm underwhelmed.

Benintendi is having a terrific season. He's batting .320. That's great. But, he has no power. He has but three homers all season. He hasn't hit a homer since June.

Benintendi is a very good player. He won't strike out. He draws walks. He could be a dynamic piece at the top of the order. But, I'm not convinced he is a difference maker. The Yankees still need some left handed power. Joey Gallo didn't provide that and with Giancarlo Stanton out, the Yankees' power seems lacking. Matt Carpenter was on a magical run. Expecting him to continue to play like Babe Ruth is foolish at best. He's a great story, but he's not the answer for regular playing the rest of the way. As a great bat off the bench, yes, he's exactly what the Yankees need. As a middle-of-the-order power bat? No.

If Benintendi is THE move the Yankees make, it won't be enough. If he is A move the Yankees make, as they also acquire a quality power bat (lefty preferred), this move will help a lot.

You know, Aaron Hicks has been playing great lately. I wouldn't be shocked if Benintendi replaces Hicks. I wouldn't be surprised to se Aaron Hicks traded.

The time is ripe, the time is now, for the Yankees to go big and get a big star to make a big run to a World Series.


Does the Benintendi move signal that Aaron Judge is the centerfielder going forward?

If so, that is a big statement. Judge has been great out there, but we've also heard for years about "load management" and the need to rest him.

Andrew Benintendi is not a centerfielder. I'm interested to see how this plays out.


The Yankees also need pitching. They need a starting pitcher. The bullpen needs something added as well. I happen to think that some of the young arms in the system can bolster the bullpen. If I were running the team, my pitching focus would be on a quality starting pitcher.

It should be an interesting few days as we head to August 2.


The Mets spent big to become a powerhouse team and many of the big time players they acquired helped them in the Yankees series.

The Dodgers always seem to spend big.

Oh, by the way, the Dodgers now own the best winning percentage in baseball. The Yankees were having a magical season, a "season for the ages" and all of that. No longer. They're not even the best team in the game right now.

Remember when the Yankees used to make the big moves. Juan Soto is out there...


The 39-59 Royals come to the Bronx for a three game series. This would be a great time for the Yankees to get some wins.

The Royals might be just the ticket to help right the ship a bit.

Let's Go Yankees!

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