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  • Paul Semendinger

Perspectives: The Yanks Have A Houston Problem

by Paul Semendinger

July 22, 2022


The Yankees are having a magical season. They're having a season for the ages. They are the best team in baseball.

Or are they?

Maybe, just maybe, the better team is the Astros.


Yankees vs Astros, 2022:

  • June 23: Yankees Won 7-6

  • June 24: Astros Won 3-1

  • June 25: Astros Won 3-0 (The Astros No-Hit the Yankees)

  • June 26: Yankees Won 6-3 in 10 innings

  • June 30: Astros Won 2-1

  • July 21: Astros Won 2-1

  • July 21: Astros Won 7-5

Head-To-Head, 2022: The Yankees are 2-5 vs the Astros.


The two times the Yankees defeated the Astros, the wins were miracles of sorts.

  • The first game, Aaron Hicks hit a three-run homer in the 9th to tie it. Aaron Judge later walked it off. (The Astros then bounced right back and defeated the Yankees in the next two games.)

  • The second win, the Yankees came back from a 3-0 deficit, while being no-hit, and won what many considered a "statement game." The Yankees were just too good for Houston to push them around. (The Astros have won all three games against the Yankees since then.)


Since July 1, the Yankees are 8-7 (.533)

Since July 1, the Astros are 11-5 (.688)

Since July 1, the Astros are the better team.


I know that Aaron Judge is having a monster season. He's great.

You know who is also great? Yordan Alvarez.

Batting Average: Alvarez .309, Judge .282

On-Base Percentage: Alvarez .408, Judge .366

Slugging Percentage: Alvarez .665, Judge .619


The Yankees have great pitching.

You know who also does? Houston.

Team ERA: Astros 2.99, Yankees 3.13


Head-to-Head in the Post Season:

2019: Astros Won

2017: Astros Won

2015: Astros Won

You know how the Yankees fans talk about the Minnesota Twins? "We always beat them in the playoffs..."

Guess what the Astros fans say about the Yankees?


Can the Yankees defeat the Astros in the post season? Of course.

Today is July 22. The season has a long way to go.

But, for all the magic, for all the wonder, for what is looking like a magical season for the Yankees - one for the ages, the truth is the Yankees just haven't been all that magical the last few weeks. And when they've faced their biggest rival, the Astros, the biggest rival has pushed them around a bit - as they've been doing for a long time.

There is ample reason for concern.

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