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Perspectives: What if? Aaron Judge and the Future

by Paul Semendinger

July 20, 2022


One reason some fans, experts, writers, and such do not want the Yankees to acquire Juan Soto is because signing him would prevent the Yankees (in theory at least) from resigning Aaron Judge.

That makes sense on many levels. Aaron Judge is great. Aaron Judge is a Yankee. Aaron Judge is, but most accounts, the "face of the franchise."

Of course, Aaron Judge is 30-years-old and Juan Soto is only 23-years-old. With that, one can make a strong case that for every year going forward that Juan Soto's numbers will be better than Aaron Judge's. If not that, it will almost definitely be the case when Judge is 35-years-old and Soto is just 28. Judge will be past his prime and Soto will be just entering his.

But, let's leave all those arguments aside.

Here's the things no one is asking...

What if Aaron Judge has no intention of resigning with the Yankees? What is that's not his desire? What if Aaron Judge has been waiting for a chance to go home and play in California or just play somewhere else? Or what if Aaron Judge feels slighted by the Yankees and wants to get out of town the moment he becomes a free agent?

A big part of all the talk about Aaron Judge is the fact that it is assumed that he wants to remain a Yankee. Does he? That's something no one truly knows.

If the Yankees get Juan Soto, they will have a great player. They can still make a run at Aaron Judge. If Judge wants to be a Yankee, he and Soto can be teammates. But if Judge leaves, the Yankees would have an ample (some might even say better) replacement.

If the Yankees don't get Juan Soto and Aaron Judge also departs... then what?

A similar question that must be asked, because it's something we also don't know the answer to is - What if the Yankees, for whatever reasons, don't have any intention of going higher than their initial offer to Aaron Judge? What if they don't feel, based upon their own data and knowledge of the player, that he is worth $35m a season for the next seven to ten years? Again, that's a possibility. The what?

There's a possibility that Aaron Judge doesn't wish to return.

There's also the possibility that the Yankees won't make a huge push for him.

These are two possibilities that no one is really discussing.

I believe there is a strong chance, and I might be the only one saying this right now, that for any number of reasons, Aaron Judge will not be a Yankee in 2023.

Time will tell. Call me crazy, but when he signs with another team next winter, remember that idea was first brought up here.


Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Jul 21, 2022

As I drove to work today, this is what they were discussing on ESPN Radio (NY).


Some of the "experts" said, "I don't think Judge is staying in New York."

Imagine that. They're saying today what I said yesterday...


Mike Whiteman
Jul 21, 2022

My gut tells me that if the Yanks win it all, Judge says. He starts on the road to Monument Park and a retired uniform number. If the Yanks do not win, then all bets are off. I think the Angels will be spenders again next offseason, giving it one last shot to put together a winner with Ohtani and Trout. Judge would be an ideal fit. If they overwhelm him with money, I could see him moving on.


Philip Cashier
Philip Cashier
Jul 20, 2022

Let's see, the Yankees passed on Patrick Corbin, Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, and the approximately 743 SS who were available last year! No wonder this team is so bad.

Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
Jul 20, 2022
Replying to

Yes, like so many other players in MLB history, Judge is having a great year while playing for a contract. Now that said, I also don't think it's in his character to slack off once he gets his pay day, not on purpose, at least. But I think the decline is coming sooner rather than later. So I say milk him for all he's worth right now -- run him out to center field four days a week, for goodness sakes. Then let somebody else pay him to decline.


Jul 20, 2022

call me crazy, but what if Soto has already entered his decline phase?

Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Jul 20, 2022
Replying to

Maybe he's just not great defensively.

Maybe he's just a great hitter.

Reggie wasn't a great fielder.

Ted Williams wasn't a great fielder.

On and on...

That doesn't mean I wouldn't want them on my team.


The Yankees might have their own reasons why they won't offer Judge $300m.


There is a chance, and I think it's likely, that Aron Judge is in another uniform next year.

I could be wrong. But a start player leaving a team and a city where he's a legend isn't out of the question.

Albert Pujols left St. Louis...

(At Judge's age... and it benefitted the Cardinals that he did...)

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