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Random Thoughts From Last Night’s Yankees Game

by Paul Semendinger

September 27, 2021


Last night’s Yankees game was one that will probably go a long way in determining how the rest of the season plays out. In fact, last night’s game might have determined the season.

The Yankees entered the game in a tie with the Red Sox. With the win, they have taken full control of the Wild Card standings with just six games to play.

Last night was a crazy game as well. There were things happening that one just doesn’t see in a ballgame very often – if ever. There was tension. And drama. It was great and compelling baseball.

Most of all, it was fun.

I figured, I’d share my random thoughts of the game, the ups and the downs (and then the ups), as it progressed. These were my thoughts at the time the events occurred… sort of a stream of consciousness essay.

I hope you enjoy.


I love that the game started just after 7:00 p.m. rather than 8:00 p.m.

Jordan Montgomery might be pitching the biggest game of his career.

It is interesting, or telling, that so many fans, writers, etc… knew that Gleyber Torres belonged better at second base than shortstop, but it took the Yankees so long to figure it out.

Judge whiffs, Stanton whiffs… one of the things that makes these Yankees less enjoyable for me has been the big guys striking out like this. It seems that in big games we see that a lot.

Eduardo Rodriguez will be a free agent after this year. Hummmm… He’d be a plus for the Yankees and a minus for the Red Sox. Plus he’s a lefty. My goodness, if he is available, the Yankees should seriously consider him.

I have always wanted the Yankees to stock-up on lefties.

Oh, the best OPS since August 1 in MLB is… Bryce Harper. I think the Yankees letting him go elsewhere is one of the biggest mistakes they have made and one they’ll regret forever.

The Red Sox just whiffed three times in a row. I guess they want to be the Yankees.

Now Sanchez whiffed and Gardy whiffed. UGGGGG!!!

Home runs might be fun, but the other aspects of three true outcomes baseball just are not.

It is telling and interesting that the Yankees have basically chosen Brett Gardner in center over Luke Voit at DH. I don’t mind the Yankees stressing defense with Gardner in centerfield and Rizzo at first base. In fact, to me, that makes the most sense.

I wonder how Voit feels. Will he become a problem if the Yankees lose and he sits throughout?

The play DJ LeMahieu made to end the third reminded me of… GRAIG NETTLES!

So the fire alarms go off and the people stay in their seats. That makes no sense. There is a simple rule. Fire Alarm means leave the building. No? Granted there are tens of thousands of people there, but, still.

In the Red Sox fourth, the Yankees showed why I get frustrated… A single, a stolen base (but the ball wasn’t caught by Sanchez), and then a long sac fly where Joey Gallo threw home rather than to second base allowing the runner on first to move up. These are the fundamental mental lapses that also drive me crazy. Is that on the manager and the coaches? I think it has to be. If not, why do teams have managers and coaches?

When the other teams scores in one inning, it’s great when your team comes right back and scores in theirs. The Yanks get credit for answering the Red Sox one run with two of their own. D.J. LeMahieu had a huge clutch hit to drive in the second run. He’s having a great night.

I am not a fan of the ESPN coverage. “Here’s Big Poppy.” Then they talk, during the action, where the focus should be, about how great they all are. “You were great Papi.” “Oh, Alex, you were great.” Then all the laughing. I’m just not a fan of all of that. Focus on the game. A game this big should be compelling enough. If the network gave the game the seriousness it deserves, fans might get more into it.

I also greatly dislike the in-game manager interviews. Do they ever say anything meaningful? Ever?

A-Rod must have been reading these notes, he just compared D.J. LeMahieu tonight to Graig Nettles. Too late pal, I was innings ahead of you.

It was a good call to lift Montgomery after the fifth. He had lost it and was moments away from seeing the game get out of hand. The key will now be if the Yankees’ bullpen can hold the slim lead.

I think it’s fair to say that no one expected Clay Holmes to be as good as he’s been.

I think it’s fair to say that Clay Holmes’ sixth inning was amazing. Fantastic.

Clay Holmes was a great Cashman pick-up. A great pick-up.

A big game, big at bats coming up… the three batter reliever rule is one I greatly dislike. That rule could change this game.

Alex Verdugo failed to go to third on a sac fly in the seventh inning. It’s not just the Yankees who make bad plays. Of course, Judge shouldn’t have thrown home there, he should have thrown to third to prevent Verdugo from advancing, but, I digress…

Chad Green is making his 64th appearance. He’s running on fumes.

Nettles wouldn’t have dropped that popup. Just saying.

I saw Joey Gallo drifting to that flyball and I thought, “Oh no…” and then he dropped it.

Roy White would have caught it.

Lou Piniella too.

The Yankees are down to six outs to get back that run.

(I hope I don’t jinx this, but…) As far as Yankees vs Red Sox games, this one is going rather quickly.

I think Tyler Wade was safe. Regardless, why didn’t he slide? Why didn’t the Yankees challenge it?

Second and third, one out, Judge and Stanton coming up… this is where the Yankees have to do it.

The good Adam Ottavino can strikeout Judge and Stanton with ease. The bad one, gives the Yankees the game.

Aaron Judge whiffed, the catcher, dropped the ball on the “transfer,” the ump called it a foul ball, a bad call, but then Judge delivered and the Yankees took the lead, one I think will hold the rest of the way. I now see a sweep. Teams cannot just keep giving the other team chances. The Yankees did that the previous inning and the Red Sox (and the ump) just did the same for them. Amazing.

I guess the bad Ottavino came in.

Giancarlo Stanton came up huge this series. Amazing. What a blast! What a blast!

It’s not fun watching Judge and Stanton strikeout, but watching them mash is great fun. That’s one of the frustrating things about this team. But now, now, with six games left, they have their own destiny in their own hands. The Yankees are a game up on the Red Sox and two games up on the Blue Jays.

Joey Gallo was plunked on a 3-1 pitch. Didn’t that also happen to Anthony Rizzo the other night?

A Yankees Sweep in Boston to totally change everything. Totally and completely. Amazing.

With just a win or two more, the Yankees will be able to have a fully rested Gerrit Cole for the Wild Card game which should (all of a sudden) be at Yankee Stadium

Baseball drives me crazy.

These Yankees drive me crazy.

But, oh, it’s fun. It’s frustrating when they lose and lose and lose, but this was fun. What a game.

I did not think, at all, that these Yankees had this in them… a sweep… in Fenway?! AMAZING!

Yankees win! Theeeeeeee Yankeeeees WIN!!!


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