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  • James Vlietstra

Season Statistics: 7/8th's of the Way

The Yankees season is winding down. There’s roughly 21 games left in the regular season.

The Yankees hold a 5.5 or more lead over both the Rays and Blue Jays and they have 8 games remaining against each other, meaning somebody has to lose eight times So at this point, making the playoffs should be a formality.

The Yankees have 10 players attempting to return from injuries. With the extended minor league season, they will be able to get some rehab reps in before being promoted. Of the 10, five would need to be activated from the 60-day IL, which would require a corresponding 40 man roster move. So that’s definitely something to keep your eye on. Other than that, the only real thing to keep an eye on how Aaron Judge wraps up his season. Is his historical or simply generational.

These are some of the possible achievements he can reach:

  • Batting Title

  • Triple Crown

  • Gold Glove

  • 200+ OPS+

  • 10+ WAR

  • .300/.400/.700/1.100 Quadruple Slash

  • 20 SB's

  • 400 TB's

  • 180 Hits

  • 130 Runs

  • 140 RBI's

  • AL & Yankees Single-Season HR Record

Since 1950, there’s been 14 players with a season of 205 or better OPS+

All time, there’s been 30 offensive players with a season of 10 WAR or better. Only 10 since 1936. He’s been averaging 1.7 WAR per 20 games over last 40 games. That will easily put him over 10. A hot streak could push him closer to 10.5 or even 11.


Statistics from the First Half:

Season Statistics (So Far) in the Second Half:

dr sem.png
The Least Among Them.png

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