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The Tuesday Discussion: Pitcher Wins in 2024

January 23, 2024


This week we asked our writers:

How many wins and losses will each of these pitchers have in 2024:

Gerrit Cole

Carlos Rodon

Marcus Stroman

Nestor Cortes

Clarke Schmidt

Blake Snell (if he's a Yankee) 

Here are their replies:


Mike Whiteman:

Gerrit Cole 17-7

Carlos Rodon 11-7

Marcus Stroman 12-10

Nestor Cortes 8-8

Clarke Schmidt 13-6

Blake Snell (if he's a Yankee) 11-0


Derek McAdam:

Gerrit Cole: 16-6

Carlos Rodon: 12-10

Marcus Stroman: 14-9

Nestor Cortes: 11-8

Clarke Schmidt: 8-7

Blake Snell: 14-11


James Vlietstra:

Gerrit Cole 17-7

Carlos Rodon 10-8

Marcus Stroman 14-8

Nestor Cortes 9-4

Clarke Schmidt 15-8

Blake Snell 16-7

Luis Gil 8-5


Cary Greene: (I will have a longer article on this later in the week)

Gerrit Cole 15-8

Carlos Rodon 9-6

Marcus Stroman 9-8

Nestor Cortes 9-6

Clarke Schmidt 8-7

Blake Snell 10-8


Paul Semendinger:

(These are pure guesses based on the optimism that comes with Spring Training on the horizon)

Gerrit Cole 15-8

Carlos Rodon 16-8

Marcus Stroman 14-13

Nestor Cortes 11-9

Clarke Schmidt 9-9

Blake Snell 16-8


Tim Kabel:

Gerrit Cole 15-4

Carlos Rodon 13-4

Marcus Stroman 12-5

Nestor Cortes 15-5

Clarke Schmidt 12-6

Blake Snell (if he's a Yankee)  14-5

11 comentarii

23 ian.

optimistic is thinking that Snell will be a Yankee and will win 18 games

finishing with several fewer wins than Cy Cole

and runner-up Rodon

23 ian.
Răspunde utilizatorului

that was the extreme upside view of the Yankee rotation,

but it remains my view that the Yankee path to the World Series must be smoothed by dominant pitching.

the uber-agent is going insure that the team pays full-fare for Snell, but paying the pitcher

provides greater mileage than signing a centerfielder.


23 ian.

Cole: 16

Rodon: 12

Stroman: 11

Cortes: 9

Schmidt - 8

As usual, BP will be overworked because of injuries and usage.


23 ian.

Paul going out on a limb with Rodon leading the Yanks in wins. I like it, from your lips to God’s ears.

Cole: 18-5

Rodon: 11-6

Stroman: 13-7

Cortes: 12-8

Schmidt - 11-8

Somewhat optimistic, assuming they all stay healthy and produce 25 or so starts minimum (though that’s unlikely).

Snell: 12-6 with lots of no decisions.


Alan B.
Alan B.
23 ian.

The Yankees SPs will have too many losses and not nearly enough wins. They will also again have too many starts that will result in a ND. I chuckled hard Paul when you give Stroman 27 decisions. That, just doesn't happen for a New York Yankees SP anymore. Garrett Cole had 19 decisions in 33 starts in 2023! He averaged only about 6.1IPS. Not good enough in 2024 to pile up the decisions. Then, you have the New York Yankees pitching philosophy, which is pro bullpen. Clay Holmes let about 45% of his IR to score. Marianaccio was about at 28%. Kahnle only stranded one runner. With stats like that, the Starters ERAs will be higher, more losses o…

Alan B.
Alan B.
23 ian.
Răspunde utilizatorului

Paul, if you're right, then the Yankees have radically changed their pitching philosophy, and we the fans win!

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