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The Tuesday Discussion: Roll Call

August 23, 2022


This week we decided to make it light. We presented the following to our writers:

Oswaldo Cabrera had his roll call back to the bleacher creatures ready for his Yankees debut this past Wednesday. What would you’re signal be towards them?

Here are their responses:


Andy Singer - Theft is, in fact, the greatest form of flattery. Nick Swisher's standing salute to the Bleacher Creatures was perfect, so my acknowledgement to the crew would be strikingly similar to Swish's.


Paul Semendinger - I assume I'd be pitching. I'd step off the mound and simply tip my hat to the fans.


Tim Kabel - Well, I would be so shocked that I was in the major leagues, that my response to the bleacher creatures would be a little different. I think I would do my impression of Fred Sanford and pretend to have a heart attack by clutching my chest with one hand and staggering around with the other hand out in front of me. I don’t know that I would yell, “Elizabeth , I’m coming.” However, the pantomime would be sufficient, I think.


Mike Whiteman - At the office, I'm well known for my affinity to wear sweater vests. I believe the term "Poindexter" comes to mind (it is descriptive of my baseball playing skill as well). Should I be on the Yankee Stadium diamond and the Creatures call my name, I would look towards them and pull at my jersey in a fancy-like way, which I'm sure would drive them into a frenzy.


Ethan Semendinger - I'd assume that if I had the skill level to make the major leagues, I'd also be able to have the skill level to be able to do a backflip like the great Ozzie Smith. The only problem would be timing it correctly with the pitcher, but I can only imagine how that would go over for the bleacher creatures.

Realistically, if I- in my current abilities- was put on the diamond for the Yankees I would mock some soft toss where I would hit a home run ball into the right field bleachers for the creatures. Hopefully a few of them would play along and try to scramble for the "ball" too.

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