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The Tuesday Discussion: Who Will Sign Aaron Judge?

November 15, 2022


This week we posed a simple question to our readers:

In the end, which team will sign Aaron Judge and for how much in years and dollars?

Here are their responses:


Paul Semendinger - I am torn on this. I can easily see Aaron Judge leaving. And, of course, I don't want the Yankees to overspend on him (in years or dollars). I can see the Yankees signing Judge and then not winning a World Series for the next ten years because too much money is invested in him. But, all that being said, after much thought, even though I can easily see him leaving, I am going to predict that he stays. (You might wish to also read my deep dive into all this from yesterday.)

Aaron Judge remains a Yankee. He signs a nine year deal at an average of $37m per season for a total of $333 million. The three threes are just too perfect. 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 for #99.


Lincoln Mitchell - Aaron Judge goes to the Giants for an eight year $320 million contract and appears in an Opening Day ceremony with Barry Bonds and Willie Mays. He will quickly become a beloved figure in San Francisco where he will frequently be spotted noshing on dim sum in the Richmond District with Chinese American seniors, sipping espresso at the Trieste while discussing Trotskyism with octogenarian beatniks, surfing at Ocean Beach with Hunter Pence, and buying overpriced schmattas in Hayes Valley with recently laid off tech workers. He will stay in shape by buying a custom made fixed gear bicycle and riding it up and down San Francisco’s hills. Before games he will ride to the park and leave his bike at the free valet bike parking behind right field and visit with aging punk rockers who fish home run balls out of McCovey cove with oversized fishing nets.


Tamar Chalker - I refuse to contemplate Aaron Judge signing anywhere but with the Yankees.


Cary Greene - My answer is that in the end, the Giants will Sign Aaron Judge for 10-years and a record contract of $450-million.


Mike Whiteman - In the end, Aaron Judge will sign an eight-year, $320 million contract with the…Giants!


Tim Kabel - I believe the Yankees will sign Aaron Judge. I believe it will be for eight years and approximately $40 million a year. I definitely believe he will return to the Yankees.

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