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The Yankees: Dinners and their Fans

by Paul Semendinger

May 22, 2022


The Yankees' annual Homecoming Dinner was last night. Somehow I missed all the ads for this event (not like I would have gone anyway, but...). After the game, I went on-line to see what the dinner was all about and stumbled across a big reason why so many are frustrated with the sport and the Yankees.

The Yankees were offering tickets to WATCH the homecoming dinner virtually. You didn't get anything for buying a ticket other than the chance to watch a dinner and speeches. Oh, and the opportunity to bid on silent auction prizes. The cost for this great opportunity to watch others eat plates of "event food"? $50.00. You have to be kidding me.

Below is a screen shot in case the site is down after the event.

  • Something is wrong when a team charges $50.00 for the privilege of watching the players, alumni, and wealthy fans eat. No thanks Yankees. I'd rather spend the money on... food so I can eat. Unbelievable.

  • Wouldn't it make better sense to offer to live stream the event free and then ask for a donation? Wouldn't that be more fan friendly? I'm shocked and amazed. And somewhat disgusted.

  • I actually think the Yankees would raise more money for charity if people watched for free. They could ask for donations. I think the amount of donations they would get would be greater than what they received by charging people for the privilege of watching others at a gala event. You know what, it's often the little guy who gives more.

  • Tomorrow is Sunday. It'll be a hot day when many will want to sit quietly indoors. The Yankees have a day game. You won't be able to watch it. The first game will be on HuluParamountNetflixDisneyAmazonPlusMinusPrimeVideo. Again, this is absolutely ridiculous and very frustrating. The Yankees keep taking the team away from the fans, except those willing to spend and spend and spend for the same product.

  • I hope the YES Network shows reruns from the Homecoming Dinner tomorrow when the game is on. That might be something. The big dinner that a regular fan can't afford to go to, or even see, on tape delay. I am very curious if Aaron Judge ate all of the broccoli rabe. This, of course, won't quite replace the joy I'd have actually watching the team I root for, but, it'll help pass the time, I guess.

  • I'm thinking that maybe Aaron Hicks isn't eating healthy enough and that's why he's not hitting. It could be. Watching the dinner will help me find out and test this theory.

  • I have to wonder how soon it will be until the Yankees' radio feed is moved for some games to Sirius? When that happens, remember you read it here first.

  • When the Yankees are moved off free radio, I hope they fill that air time with static. I think that would be the most appropriate.

  • I hope next year with the ticket packages that the Yankees also offer opportunities to live stream the food selections in the various exclusive lounges around the stadium. "My hotdog wasn't very good, but boy did you see the steak that that guy in the tie was eating during the bottom on the fifth? It looked so delicious." Or, "The ice in my soda melted within three minutes, but that guy in the air conditioning had a soda stay cold for close to 45-minutes. That has to be some kind of record!"

  • The possibilities here are endless. Maybe the Yankees can put cameras in the player's cars and get fans to pay to watch the players as they drive to the Stadium. "Did you see Rizzo go around that truck on the GWB? He's not just a good fielder, man, that guy can drive." For $100, maybe you could live stream the staring lineup for that day.

  • If the Yankees charge $50.00 for a dinner, maybe they can show a player's breakfast for $10.00. Maybe live stream the starting pitcher that day. That's an idea. "Cole is 4-0, 3.25 when he has bacon and eggs, but only 3-2 5.67 when he has a cinnamon bun and oatmeal."

I love the Yankees, but they are not the best team when it comes to being fan friendly. They often give the impression that they just don't care about the regular guy who roots for the team. And that's a shame. This is a very clear example of that. "You can't afford to eat with us. But, we'll let you pay $50.00 to watch our exclusive dinner." Talk about out of touch!

And, of course, it's not like the Yankees aren't the most valuable team in baseball already.

It would be nice if on occasion the Yankees did things that benefitted the little guy instead of seemingly always looking for the next dollar from the same people who already spend and spend and spend to support the team.


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