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Hello. Welcome to Start Spreading The News. We are glad you stopped by!

Let me begin by stating that I am as sad as anyone that River Ave Blues has shut its doors. Seeing the final goodbye post last night left me with real sadness. I have been a RAB reader from the start. It was my daily source for Yankees news. I have checked the site multiple times a day, every day, for the last 12 years. Like all of its fans, I now have to find my own way to get much of my Yankees fill.

That being said, we are thrilled that you decided to come here to see and read our coverage of the Yankees. I think and hope you’ll be pleased. We were honored that River Ave Blues listed us as a valuable site for getting Yankees news in the post-RAB Era.

A Brief (very brief) History of Start Spreading the News – We began SSTN on October 23, 2017 as the re-branded version of It’s About the Money. I was a writer for It’s About the Money. When it was decided to end It’s About The Money, I offered to take it over. We re-branded as Start Spreading the News and have been publishing daily Yankees content ever since. We keep growing and growing thanks to our quality writers, daily content, some unique features, and our great audience. Whatever we accomplish here wouldn’t happen without the support of our readers. We take our job of providing great Yankees coverage very seriously and aim to be the best. As we move forward, we also honor our past as the old IIATM archives are located on the top of our home page under “Popular Content.”

A Very Important Point – We are not River Ave Blues. We never will be River Ave Blues. While we loved River Ave Blues, and already miss them, we’re our own site. We do things our way. Some of what we’ll provide will remind some readers of RAB, other stuff that we publish is totally unique to us. We hope you enjoy it all.

Another Important Note – We are a fan friendly site – for fans of all ages. Please take note and read our commenting policy which is located on the sidebar. In short, we refrain from insulting comments and profanity. In order for the baseball and the Yankees to continue to grow, they must attract fans of all ages. This site, while written for adults, is a place for fans of all ages. We pride ourselves in fan friendly coverage. We don’t sugar coat things about the Yankees, in fact, I’m often the writer who gets most down on the team, but when we criticize the Yankees, we do so respectfully.

What You Will Find Here – We provide daily content in a variety of ways throughout the day. We hope you stop and visit the site numerous times each day. Some of our standard features are the following:

SendToNews Videos – SendToNews chose our site as a platform to use for their outstanding service of providing video highlights. You’ll find the video player on each page on the blog. The player uses smart technology that matches words from the articles with the videos. During the season, the videos that run on the home screen are, most often, the most recent Yankees game highlights.

Game Re-Caps: These are most often published by 6:00 a.m. the day after each Yankees game.

Game Quick-Hit: We try to get the final score of every Yankees game posted (almost) immediately after each game.

Game Threads – Longtime writer Phil Cashier hosts a game thread for every single Yankees game as a place for the fans to engage in civil and respectful discourse. Come and join the fun! The more the merrier! Please be certain to follow the rules for comments.

Yankees Baseball Card Trivia at Noon – This is pretty self-explanatory. These are fun ways to interact each weekday at noon. The answers to each day’s trivia are usually provided later that evening or early the next morning.

Yankees Tweet of the Day – These post each weekday at 3:00 p.m.

The Sunday Night Special – These go “live” most Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. This feature brings a baseball related video that provides an interesting look at players, stats, teams, stadiums, human interest stories, and more. You can find a detailed description of this feature on the sidebar.

Wednesday Night Classics – These are also videos that are posted on Wednesday nights (either at 8:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m.). These are always Yankee related and contain footage of old games or past Yankees moments.

1,000 (+) Words – This feature is a photo-essay of sorts consisting of great pictures from the most recent Yankees games. (A picture is worth a thousand words.) The photos come from Getty Images. These usually post the day after each series concludes. Most often these post at 10:30 a.m.

Perspectives – These are articles, where I opine on recent Yankees news, games, trends, and more. There is no timetable for when these post. I post when I can or when the news compels me to write a “Perspectives” post.

Weekly Mailbag – Longtime writer Andy Singer hosts our weekly mailbag. These are posted each Friday morning.

Yankees Links – Longtime writer Tamar Chalker provides links at various times throughout the week allowing fans to use our site as a host to access other Yankees news, analysis, and more.

Great Articles – All of our writers look at the Yankees differently. Each writer posts a number of articles each month where they share their thoughts on the team. Even though we all write for the same blog, we don’t all agree on the manager’s decisions, the game strategy, the approach from the front office, etc. Every writer here is free to share his or her own thoughts, ideas, solutions, and more.

Breaking News – We stay close to all of the breaking news. On a few occasions, we’ve posted some big Yankees news ahead of the other major Yankees sites. We attempt to get all Yankees news published on the blog as quickly as possible. (But, sometimes it’s just not possible to do it quickly. Please know this, we certainly try!)

And More – Lots More, So Much More – We always seek to find avenues to make the site more engaging, more compelling, and more wonderful. We write for this blog because we love the Yankees and are passionate about the team. We love sharing our passion with you, our readers.

We hope that we will be one of your new homes for Yankee news. Thanks for stopping by and giving us a chance. We hope to hear from you and we are very glad that you’re taking this journey with us.

Let’s Go Yankees!


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Start Spreading the News is the place for some of the very best analysis and insight focusing primarily on the New York Yankees.

(Please note that we are not affiliated with the Yankees and that the news, perspectives, and ideas are entirely our own.)


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