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  • Paul Semendinger

YES is NO!

By Paul Semendinger

June 3, 2022


It's Friday night. A long week of work has ended.

It would be nice to take a breath and to sit down and watch the Yankees.

But I can't.

I don't have Apple Plus or Amazon Prime or Hulu or Paramount or whatever service the Yankees moved their games to each Friday night this season in order to take a few dollars more from their loyal fans.

What a business model: Take and take and take and take from the same loyal customers.

I don't plan on paying for any of these services.

I pay enough for Cable-TV for the purpose of having the YES Network which was supposed to be the "Home of the Yankees." So much for that. It's the home, for now, or for most games, at least until the Yankees find a way to take more games away from their fans as they ask them to spend more and more redundantly for the same product.

No, I won't do it.

The YES Network has become the NO Network. "No, you can't watch the Yankees."

If the Yankees want to take the games away from me, that's their right. But I'm not going to pay them, or anyone else, any more money to watch the games they chose to take away from the me and millions of other fans.

Over time, this is business model that will fail. The more this happens, the more fans will walk away from their product. Rightfully so. The Yankees are basically telling their fans that they don't care about them.

Friday night baseball? Nope, not with the Yankees.

Thanks Yankees...

For nothing.

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