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A Quick Look at Jasson Dominguez

The international prospect pool has produced lots of young talent from Gleyber Torres to Ronald Acuña Jr. and Fernando Tatis. These players are all young stars with bright futures, yet none of them received five million dollar contracts. There is a reason for this – none of them are Jasson Dominguez, the brightest star in the Yankees minor league system.

Jasson Dominguez is 16 year old 5’10” 190 pound outfielder from the Dominican Republic whose nickname is the Martian because his talent is not from this planet. He has a great stroke at the plate, and the ball coming off his bat sounds like a shotgun blast. He runs about a 6.3-6.4 60 yard which is absurd for a 16 year old. (Billy Hamilton ran a 6.2 before being drafted.)

How good is Dominguez? Here’s one way of looking at his potential:

Minor league players are graded on a 20-80 scale in 5 categories, hit, power, run, arm, and field. First Round picks are usually 45+ in each of these categories. Dominguez’s scores blow those numbers away. They are, Hit: 55, Power: 55, Run: 60, Arm: 60, and Field, 55.

To put those numbers in perspective, the top current outfield prospect, and 3rd overall current prospect according to is 22 year old Luis Robert of the White Sox whose scouting grades are Hit: 55, Power: 60, Run: 65, Arm: 60, and Field, 55. Dominguez just about matches all of those ratings – as a sixteen year old!

Here is another comparison. Right before Aaron Judge got called up in 2016, his grades were Hit: 50, Power: 60, Run: 50, Arm: 60, and Field, 50. That’s pretty similar!

This is unheard of for player this young to be this good. His scouting grades will continue to go up as he progresses through the minors. It is estimated he will spend anywhere between 2-4 years in the minors.

I am excited about what this player might be. Obviously scouts are wrong all the time and busts happen, but he is a name all Yankees fans should keep an eye on because I truly believe we’re not talking about the next Aaron Judge or Giancarlo Stanton – we’re talking about the next Mike Trout, a generational talent.

If you haven’t been able to see Dominguez here are two highlight videos:

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