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About the Off-Season: Meanderings of My Mind

About the Off-Season: Meanderings of My Mind

By Tim Kabel

October 28, 2023


As I write this article, the World Series has not yet begun. Therefore, in the body of this article, i will make some observations about the World Series and my prediction for its outcome.

Since the Yankees are not playing in this year's World Series, yet again, it is an excellent time to spew my thoughts on multiple topics.

* By the end of the World Series, Andrew Heaney could have a World Series ring. Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge will not have one. There is only one way to explain that: “That's baseball, Suzyn.”

* It's great to see Jordan Montgomery in the World Series. It is even better to know that he will get a start. Yes, that's the same Jordan Montgomery who Brian Cashman said would not pitch in the postseason for the Yankees. Now, a year later, he is pitching in the World Series and Brian Cashman is watching on television with his analytics team. I wonder if he and the analytics team consult their data before ordering which pizza to eat while watching the World Series. They will determine the optimal crust thickness ratio and the exact pattern of toppings to create the perfect pizza. Then naturally, one of them will drop the pizza.

* Will anybody be surprised if Aroldis Chapman blows a game in the World Series? Considering the games will be in Texas and Arizona, I'm sure he will sweat even more than usual. The pitching coach will need a rowboat to make a mound visit.

* I was thinking about who the Yankees might hire as a hitting coach but, I think we need to see how everything develops before we get to that point. They may make other changes and could be in the market for other coaches and possibly a manager.

* Since Dusty Baker is retiring, the Astros will need a manager. Perhaps things will go full circle and Carlos Beltran will get a shot.

* As we wait to see what the Yankees are going to do this off season, I will say this. The next hitting coach needs to be someone who is closer to Sean Casey than he is to Dillon Lawson.

* If the Yankees are able to trade Giancarlo Stanton and possibly DJ LeMahieu, could they possibly trade for Juan Soto and sign Cody Bellinger. Bellinger could play centerfield until Jasson Dominguez returns and then shift to first base at some point, as Anthony Rizzo is only signed through next year. That would make the Yankees better offensively and give them more of a left-handed presence in the lineup. I know people are going to say it would be too expensive but considering that many of the Yankees players would be youngsters, it might balance out

* If Brian Cashman remains as general manager, and Aaron Boone remains as manager, and they continue to rely heavily on the analytics team, there is no reason to expect a better outcome in 2024. I am resigned to the fact that Cashman will be back. I am hopeful that Boone might not be. However, if either or both of them are back and they don't change their approach, the results will be the same

* Hopefully, Jasson Dominguez makes a speedy recovery. I think he could become a fan favorite very quickly. Austin Wells could also become one.

* Jimmy Cordero and Domingo German need to never wear a Yankee uniform again.

* Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman have talked a lot about how awful this past season was. In a few weeks, they need to begin taking actions that prove they are not just talking.

* The Yankees have a lot of work to do this off season. They need to get off to a quick start but also a good start. They can't simply announce that Cashman, Boone, and everybody else is coming back and then trade for Andrew Heaney or some obscure middle-ender middle infielder with a high walk rate. They need to make substantive moves on all levels to address issues on the field and off the field.

* I am admittedly higher on Oswald Peraza than many people but, I agree with Paul O'Neill that he will become a solid major league hitter, if he is giving regular at bats. Although shortstop is his best position, he is the Yankees best option at third base currently.

* If Anthony Rizzo is able to bounce back fully from his concussion, an infield of Rizzo at first base, Gleyber Torres at second base, Anthony Volpe at shortstop, and Oswald Peraza at third base, could be very good. If Rizzo cannot recover, and the Yankees do sign Cody Bellinger, he could play first base. The Yankees could then use Estevan Florial in centerfield until Jasson Dominguez returns. They could call that a Florial arrangement.

* It might not be a bad idea if at least one of the hitting coaches in 2024 speaks Spanish. I know the Yankees have a translator but, it would streamline things if one of the coaches could speak directly to the Latin players. At this point, the Yankees have quite a few Spanish speaking players, and they could acquire more. I'm sure they could find at least one hitting coach who speaks Spanish.

* I am excited about the group of young players on this team. I think Anthony Volpe will have a much better season in 2024. I imagine he will hit for a higher average and will steal more bases. Oswald Peraza should steal quite a few bases as well. In addition to Volpe, I expect Austin Wells, Oswald Peraza, and Jasson Dominguez, when he returns, to be key contributors for this team. I'm not sure what role Everson Pereira and Estevan Florial will have but, they could be backup outfielders. I think Oswaldo Cabrera will have a much better year, especially if he is not bombarded by 500 members of the analytics team, each carrying six loose-leaf binders full of statistics before each game.

* No matter what happens in the off season, I hope the Yankees don't sign any more fading veterans. They need to continue getting younger and more athletic.

* I would like to see the Texas Rangers win the World Series. I would like to see Jordan Montgomery win at least one game. I predict the Rangers will win in six games.


Oct 29, 2023

Hes a good player, but hes going to want compensation as if he did not have 3 lousy years followed by 1 very good year.


Oct 28, 2023

Very good synopsis. Funny too. Thanks.


Andy Polizzi
Andy Polizzi
Oct 28, 2023

An interesting thing about this year's WS teams is how TX went from 60 to 90 wins and how AZ went from 52 to 84 wins in just two years, while we Yankee fans worry, justifiably, about going forward from 82 wins. Are the TX and AZ general managers and staff geniuses? Can Cashman seriously NOT figure out a way to add just two wins a month and make the playoffs? Once in the playoffs, as we have seen this year, anything is possible. You don't have to win 100 games to make the WS, or win it.

Oct 28, 2023
Replying to

And that devalues the championship


Oct 28, 2023

About the WS - not really paying much attention this year. Don't care about either team and I can't get excited about a series that has a 3rd WC with a negative run differential as one of the competitors and is being played in climate controlled domes in the Sun Belt (so much for Chappy sweating; he might have trouble blowing a game since Altuve is not there).

Robert Malchman
Robert Malchman
Oct 28, 2023
Replying to

Pirates-Tigers was a pretty hot ticket . . . in 1909.


Oct 28, 2023

What are you worried about, Tim? Trust the process! It's worked so well. Cashman isn't going anywhere. If he was, he'd be history already. They could trade for Soto, Seager and bring back Monty, and they will still find a way to be behind Tampa Baltimore and Toronto. A perfect example of leading from behind. I like Texas in 7. Id say 6, but Chapman will blow one.

Does anyone not named Cashman think Texas would be in the series if Gallo was penciled in as the clean up hitter?

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