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Does Giancarlo Stanton See a Major Role In the Outfield in 2022?

Does Giancarlo Stanton See a Major Role In the Outfield in 2022?

By Derek McAdam

January 28, 2022


With the 2022 season (hopefully) set to begin in just over two months, the New York Yankees are still looking to make some moves to finalize their roster. While Giancarlo Stanton is a lock to be on the roster, will he be the everyday designated hitter or see a role in the outfield?

There are several components to take into consideration. From what the Opening Day lineup is expected to look like, barring any injuries, Joey Gallo will be in left field, Aaron Hicks in center field and Aaron Judge in right field. While Stanton would see an opportunity in the field once or twice a week, this would limit him from playing the outfield three or four times a week.

Injuries are going to happen throughout the season. This has been a common theme with the Yankees over the past several seasons. However, the Yankees were able to keep Judge and Stanton healthy for the majority of the season, avoiding any major injury to either player. So there is hope for the other players.

While there may not be many long-term injuries, there are still going to be some short-term injuries throughout the season in which other players will get a chance to get some playing time. This is where Stanton’s outfield playing time could come into play.

Aaron Boone has not been shy about playing Judge in center field, so the Yankees have plenty of options in the outfield. If an injury happens at any of the three outfield positions, Stanton can slide into left or right field for a few games.

But the question comes down to whether or not Stanton will see a lot of the field this upcoming season. My guess is that Stanton plays anywhere between 40-60 games in the outfield. I do believe that he is going to have plenty of opportunities to fill in for an injured player or to give another player a day off, but I am also banking on the outfield staying relatively healthy.

As mentioned above, there are going to be a few players that will be out for a week or so with an injury or Covid-related illnesses. But, I believe the Yankees finally avoid several players being out long-term with core muscle injuries. I am also banking on Stanton to stay healthy for the entire season, which I do believe he will be able to do.

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