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Gerrit Cole’s Bad Outing Should Not Be Judged Too Harshly

Oh no… Gerrit Cole gave up six runs and four home runs over the span of two innings on Thursday against the Tigers. That obviously means there is something wrong with him right?

No that is not necessarily the case.

Even though Cole is a top three pitcher in all of baseball, he is still subject to bad starts. On Apr. 20, 2019, he surrendered nine runs to the Rangers in what would be his worst start of last season.

After the conclusion of the game, many Yankees fans went on Twitter and tweeted that he should be either designated for assignment or traded. Obviously, there was plenty of sarcasm and joking going on. But some users were quite serious when it came to other areas, such as the fact that they may be hurt.

Many Yankees fans, including myself, are on edge after finding out news that Aaron Judge has a broken rib that could be linked to last September. The injury bug continues to find its way around the Yankees team and it is taking its emotional toll on the players. Judge said that he was frustrated with being injured again and was trying to be ready for Opening Day. However, this is very unlikely to happen.

Well Cole was not hurt, but he was probably still feeling a little under the weather.

Apparently Cole had a fever and a sore throat earlier in the week and, of course, the coronavirus was linked to his sickness. He was forced to change his routine due to his sickness, which more than likely contributed to his poor outing.

But it was not just Cole that got rocked. Brooks Kriske, Jordan Montgomery and Luis Cessa all surrendered runs to the Tigers. All four pitchers gave up at least one run during the game, giving the Tigers a total of 15 runs.

Even if Cole was not sick, he would still be allowed to have a bad start. If all his bad starts come during Spring Training games, no harm no foul. But Yankees fans should not panic over one bad start.

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