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Missing Baseball? Why Not Play It? (A Look at Current Baseball Video Game Options)

Yesterday, news about how the MLB season was going to be delayed until at least May was sent out by the commissioners office. This is a part of the MLB and MLBPA following guidelines from the CDC with keeping crowds of 50+ people apart for the next 8 weeks.

As we continue to move forward from this, I got to thinking about how to fill that baseball-less void in my life and thought about the world of video games.

Whether you’re a fan of taking control of a major league franchise or building your own player from scratch, it seems as though every facet of the game is covered in one way or another in todays world.

This morning, we’re going to take a look at some current (or soon to be released) options of different games you can play across all the major devices (PS4, X-Box One, PC, Mac, etc.).


MLB: The Show 20

Release Date: March 17th, 2020 (Today)

Platforms: PS4

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the iconic franchise MLB: The Show, which has made itself the benchmark to beat when it comes to creating a realistic baseball video game.

A few years back with the 2018 edition of the game (which had Aaron Judge as the cover athlete) they revamped their create-a-player mode called “Road to the Show” which received both praise and disdain from loyal fans of the franchise. After a year of integration with the new system, people seemed to love what was done with it in 2019 and Sony has continued to add to it for 2020.


A key part of this new installment into the franchise was the improvements to both hitting and fielding for the overall gameplay, which allows the player to better absorb into the game. On top of this comes the traditional way to play MLB baseball where you can control your own team both on the field and within the world of being an executive through franchise mode. Yet, MLB: The Show also contains a multitude of other gameplay modes including “March to October” and “Diamond Dynasty”. The later being a card-collecting mode where players get to create their own teams of players through opening packs and trading, before using them in the field.

The only downside is that MLB: The Show has always been a Playstation exclusive, but this could change in 2021 with rumors saying it could come to both X-Box and Nintendo Switch as early as 2021.


RBI Baseball 20

Release Date: March 17th, 2020 (Today)

Platforms: PS4, X-Box One, Nintendo Switch, PC

RBI Baseball is another game that drops today for baseball fans to enjoy, with it being the main title for users of Microsoft (X-Box), Nintendo (Switch), and PC gaming systems.

Unlike MLB: The Show, RBI Baseball does lack considerably across the board in terms of general gameplay and in the graphical department, which makes it often seen as the “little brother”. Yet, it is still an option to get a baseball kick for non-Playstation individuals.


RBI Baseball also includes the traditional franchise mode, where you get to control a team over a season (or more) with being able to take control in the field and on the back-end with creating your best team. In addition to this comes exhibition (or pick-up) mode if somebody just wants to get in a quick game, and Home-Run Derby mode which is exactly as it sounds.

Where this does have an advantage over MLB: The Show is that it comes with a full multiplayer mode, which has no card-based mechanisms for requiring players to spend money to make the best possible team. It is also the more supported franchise from MLB itself, and is the only true MLB-licensed game available for many to play outside of playstation, so it’s hard to be super critical with there being very few other options available.

Unfortunately, there has been very little pre-released content, so to share some content, check out the official gameplay trailer on the MLB YouTube page, here.


Out of the Park Baseball: 21

Release Date: March 20th, 2020 (Friday)

Platforms: PC, Mac, Steam OS

Maybe you aren’t a fan of, or aren’t looking to control a player or a team on the field. And that’s okay, because unlike any other major sport, baseball has without a doubt the single greatest game for being able to control an entire team and franchise as the manager or general manager.

Ever think that you truly know best when it comes to running a team, with making decisions about who to play or who to get? Trust me, Out of the Park Baseball is the game to play.


Obviously, the biggest downside with OOTP comes with no mode of being able to play directly as a team (or player), but even without that feature, there is more than enough to spend years trying to fully understand the game at its core. It is truly a wonderful game for being to be able to make it as little to as much involvement as you’d like in the world of simulations and real-time strategy.

In 2018 (OOTP 19) they introduced their own card-based version of the game, which has continued into this years (soon-to-be) release and does have a very big following, yet again, is a part of the game somebody can or cannot enjoy if they don’t want to.


Super Mega Baseball 2 (or 3)

Release Date: Now (2) or April, TBA (3)

Platforms: PS4, X-Box One, Nintendo Switch, PC

And, not everybody is a big fan of the extreme detail of Out of the Park Baseball, nor is everybody a big fan of getting involved with playing with the current crop of today’s MLB players. Luckily, there is an option- and a very good one at that- for these types of fans.

Super Mega Baseball 2 is a currently available game on most every platform (sorry Mac users, I’m there with you) and Super Mega Baseball 3 is coming in April, although no official date has been announced. So, there is an immediate and a long-term option for getting a baseball fix.


What SMB does well is making itself into the perfect casual baseball game, with enjoyable to watch graphics and the ability to take itself too seriously while also allowing fun in the gameplay itself, which is influenced a lot by the cartoony-style of graphics. It features both a season and exhibition mode, of which has a ranked online competitive format so as a rookie or an experienced player, you still get to have a good time.

It also has its own developed artificial intelligence called “Ego” which allows players to create have gameplay that best matches up with how they play the game.



The season is going to be a long ways away, now that the MLB has delayed for at least 8 weeks, but luckily within the world of sports not everything has to be shut down.

There are some great options for fans in the world of video games, where they can find their exact niche for what they desire when it comes to the best realism (MLB: The Show), the most expansive (Out Of The Park Baseball), the most casual (Super Mega Baseball), or for the fan who doesn’t own a PS4 (RBI Baseball).

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19. Okt. 2023

As a fan of both baseball and game development, I found this article to be a fascinating exploration of the current state of baseball video games. It's clear that the world of gaming has evolved significantly over the years, and baseball games are no exception.

Game development has come a long way in recreating the excitement and intricacies of the sport. From realistic player movements and stunning graphics to immersive gameplay, these games truly bring the ballpark experience to our screens. It's a testament to the hard work and innovation of those in the game development industry.

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