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Perspectives – What If The Yankees Were Cheaters?

As reported here yesterday through a collection of Tweets, there is speculation (if nothing else) that the Yankees were involved in some sort of cheating in 2017.

Maybe they were, maybe they were not.

I’m not going to jump to conclusions, but I am going to state that, if true, it is disgraceful.

Many Yankees, including some of their biggest stars spoke out strongly (and rightfully so) against the Astros and their cheating.

We covered the Astros cheating in great detail here at SSTN and were (and are) angry with what they did and how baseball responded with no consequences for the players involved. We felt that the Yankees, who seemingly played fairly, were cheated out a World Series appearance.

If it tuns out that the Yankees were also engaging in foul play, I will be equally disappointed in them. I’ll be further disappointed because so many spoke out against the Astros. (Again, rightfully so, but not so much if they were also seeking advantages outside the rule book and what is permitted.)

If the Yankees were cheating, they will be just as much of a disgrace as the Astros are. The Yankees will have no claim to be cheated out of anything. In fact, an argument could then be made that they cheated other teams and cities out of a chance to complete in the playoffs and World Series.

I hope this all turns out to be nothing more than a bad rumor or a supposed big story without a lot of anything to it. But, if true, even though this is a Yankees site, I will not excuse their behaviors nor try to justify any of it.

The Yankees have to be better than this. (All teams do.)

Just play the game – and play it right.

I hold out hope that this is all a whole lot of nothing…

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