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Readers' Thread: Soto's Contract?

by SSTN Admin.

April 21, 2024


Hello Readers. We are asking a serious question and hoping for serious answers.

If the Yankees were to make a reasonable and respectful and fair contract to Juan Soto, right now, to keep him from free agency and keep him a Yankee, what would that contract look like in years and dollars?

In the comments, I like to say, "give him halt the franchise..." and things like that, but today we're wloooking for what you, the fans, feel is a reasonable contract for Juan Soto.

We look forward to your responses...



Paul Semendinger
Paul Semendinger
Apr 21

I think $50 mil annually sounds fair and that it could get the job done.

I'd go 12 years.

Twelve years, $600 million. That sound fair and you also avoid the last years of this 30's.

Apr 21
Replying to

words like fair and reasonable have become a bit (maybe a bit more than a bit) silly in these conversations, but that is a different conversation.

from what we can see, it appears that Soto is truly leaving this almost entirely up to Boras. My thought is that Boras has already proven that he does not care what is in the best interest of his clients and that he will let them wait FAR past the point where they need to be signed so that they properly prepare to be successful.

with that unfortunate circumstance being proven in multiple cases this past offseason, a person would have to guess that Boras will not consider anything less than what Ohtani received…


Apr 21

Perhaps something like 12 years at an AAV of $47.5mm for a $570mm total.

He may demand a front loaded contract with a couple of options. The first option after year three. Those years paid at $64mm per. Another option triggers after year 5 when he is still only 30 years old. Those 2 years paid at $54mm per. That leaves $266 for the remaining 7 years paid at $38mm per year. As with the Cole contract, the Yankees can counter the second option by adding 2 years at $47.5mm per year. He plays those last two years at $17.5mm per. The remaining $60mm is paid out at $10mm per over the following 6 years.

The $95mm If triggered brings…


Mike Whiteman
Apr 21

I don't think Soto's deal needs to beat Ohtani's mostly deferred deal, but I do think it needs to cross some thresholds. I think a ten year, $500-million deal could do it.

Jeff Korell
Jeff Korell
Apr 24
Replying to

That's what happened with Jordan Montgomery last off season. Montgomery is good, but he would never be confused for a Cy Young Award candidate, which would then classify him as "great". Sort of the same with Blake Snell, even though he DID win the Cy Young Award. Because when you look at each season that he did NOT win the Cy Young Award, he was not even in the running for that award, and has had several mediocre seasons over the years.

Soto on the other hand, will successfully get top dollar because he is truly GREAT. During the 5 day "Qualifying Offer" window after the last out of the World Series, the Yankees should immediately extend a "Qualifying Offer…


Apr 21

Whatever offer they may hypothetically make will not be considered reasonable or respectful in the eyes of him or his agent. Based on what he already turned down, I am thinking 1 year rental. With that in mind, we need to hope Dominguez and Spencer Jones are for real!!!


Apr 21
Replying to

Soto did something that Dominguez and Jones did not. Soto had a meteoric rise through the Nationals farm system and played VERY FEW GAMES at each level because he was so exceptionally good on the way up. CHECK THIS OUT: Soto started out in Low Single A and demolished the pitching there and was promoted to High Single A in only 2 weeks! Then, in High Single A, he made quick work of the Carolina League, hitting .371 with seven homers and 18 RBIs in just 15 games and was elevated to Harrisburg (AA), and it was still only MAY of that season! THEN, he went 10-for-31 (.323) with a pair of homers and 10 RBIs for AA Harrisburg…


Alan B.
Alan B.
Apr 21

First, I can't see him agreeing to anything officially until at least Sept 20th or so. Any offer to entice him to sign before hitting free agency, yes, you will have to play a bit more - didn't the Yankees already do that with the trade package they sent to the Padres for him, so shouldn't be so suprising that they now need to do it again when it comes to the contract.

Next step is, that ANY contract offer they make has gotta be more realistic that what Cashman offered Judge 2 years ago. To me, the length has gotta be for 11 or 12 years. With Soto's defense being a bit better than advertised, the AAV just we…

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