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The NY Post Listed Their Top 10 Yankees… Here Are My Top 10, Who Are Yours?

Here is a fun exercise for a Sunday afternoon. The New York Post asked its baseball writers to list the Top-Ten Yankees of all time.

I decided to follow their lead and list mine as well. They are listed below. I created my list before looking carefully at the lists in the Post, although I would guess the lists are very similar.

Please add your list to the comments!

Here is the NY Post article: Post Writers Rank the Top Yankees in History

And here are my Top-10 Yankees:

Babe Ruth

Lou Gehrig

Mickey Mantle

Joe DiMaggio

Yogi Berra

Derek Jeter

Mariano Rivera

Whitey Ford

Bernie Williams

Bill Dickey

And, just for fun, here’s a few more lists:

The “I wish I could have added them” list:

Ron Guidry

Don Mattingly

Graig Nettles

The “He Probably Belongs in the Top-10” list:

Alex Rodriguez

The “We Forget How Good He Really Was” List:

Willie Randolph

Roy White

George Selkirk

Wally Pipp

Charlie Keller

The “He’s Probably the Third Best Yankees Pitcher of All-Time” List:

Andy Pettitte

The “If It Isn’t Andy Pettitte, This is the Third Best Yankees Pitcher Ever (Guidry Was Listed Above)” List:

Red Ruffing

Lefty Gomez

Mel Stottlemyre

Bob Shawkey

Waite Hoyt

The “He Was An Excellent Pitcher Who Many People Never Heard of” List:

Hank Borowy

Russ Ford

Spud Chandler

The “He Is Third on the Yankees All-Time WHIP” List

Masahiro Tanaka

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