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The Tuesday Discussion: Who Would You Choose?

This week we asked our writers,

In this day of staying home and social distancing, if you could choose one current Yankee to be quarantined with, who would it be and why?

The writers responded:

Paul Semendinger – Adam Ottavino. I appreciate how he is a student of pitching. I would love to talk pitching with him. I’d also hope that he could teach me a thing or two so that when I pitch in the 35+ baseball league this summer that I can do well.

Lincoln Mitchell – I would want to be sheltered in place with Masahiro Tanaka. I figured he might know some new Japanese recipes and also I might be able to learn some Japanese language from him.

Matthew Cohen – Deivi Garcia. He only weighs 163 pounds and likely eats the least amount of food.

Ethan Semendinger The best Yankees player for me to be quarantined with would be Clint Frazier. He seems to have that crazy energy that would keep me going during rough days, could probably help me with rearranging my wardrobe and shoe choices, and is also a pretty avid streamer on Twitch (a livestream gaming platform) which means that chances are we’d find a few video games we’d enjoy playing together when we’d need to just waste time.

Michael Saffer – If I could pick one current Yankee to be quarantined with it would be Aaron Judge because he is my daughter’s favorite player. Perhaps she would be more willing to clean her room knowing he is here!

Mike Whiteman – This one was a tough one. I’d say I’d choose a versatile individual like DJ LeMahieu, for the simple reason that he does everything well.

I’d also consider Clint Frazier as long as he gives me a pair of his custom cleats!

Patrick Gunn – I would like to be quarantined with Masahiro Tanaka because he is a fun person to be around (watch the latest Yankee’s commercial again), he’s very competitive so he’d be fun to play board games with, and there’s never an issue with him in the clubhouse. He’s going into his seventh season in the Bronx and there’s never any drama with Tanaka, an important quality when you may be quarantined with a person for a while.

Andy Singer – We are living through trying times. If one were to have a choice of companions with whom to live under quarantine, I think it would be important to balance fun and pragmatism. Thus, for me anyway, there’s no choice other than Tommy Kahnle. Kahnle is without a doubt one of the most, um, energetic and fun Yankees on the roster, but his wife, Veronica Kahnle, is a mental health counselor. When people are cooped up for long periods of time, I think any mental training that has been received would be invaluable. As far as I’m concerned, Tommy Kahnle would be the perfect Yankee with whom to be quarantined.

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