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Top 10 Most Interesting Yankees in 2020: Aaron HIcks

By Paul Semendinger

As a part of Start Spreading the News’ top 10 list of “players we are most excited to see what they do” in 2020, let’s take a quick look at Aaron Hicks.

I believe it was Ethan Semendinger, my son, who pointed out that Aaron Hicks was the first person to have Tommy John Surgery at the end of one season and return to the lineup in time for Opening Day the next year. Even with the (long) delay to the season, that was an accomplishment.

Aaron Hicks is an interesting Yankee because of the fact that he’s so talented and so good. He plays great defense. He hits for power. He gets on base. He can run. He can throw. He is a difference maker.

Aaron Hicks might just be one of baseball’s best center fielders.

When he plays.

Let’s look at some numbers… like this one: 140.

This is Aaron Hicks’ ninth year in the Major Leagues. He has never played 140 games in a season.

How’s this? 100.

Only twice in his career (2016 and 2018) did Aron Hicks play more than 100 games in a season. In 2016, he played in 123 games. In 2018, it was 137 games.

Aaron Hicks is a premier player, but he just doesn’t stay in the lineup.

Here is another number: 235

I cheated a little there by leaving out the decimal point.


That’s Aaron Hicks’ lifetime batting average. Yeah. It’s not so hot. It’s… underwhelming.

Or this: 10

Aaron Hicks has hit 83 home runs in eight seasons. He averages just over 10 homers a season. Not so great…

One more : 1.2

Over the course of his Yankees’ career – since 2016, Aaron Hicks’ dWAR (baseball-reference) is just 1.2. That’s good… not elite.

Aaron Hicks seems to be a player that is greater than the sum of his parts.

I’m a big Aaron Hicks fan. I think he’s a big part of the Yankees and their hopes for a successful 2020 season. The results, though, just aren’t what most would expect from a player with his talent and abilities. Maybe he’ll be that player if he stays healthy. I hope he is. He’s only 30-years-old and he is signed through 2025. He has plenty of time to make a huge impact in the Bronx.


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