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Watching the U.S. Mail for Baseball – Episode 4 (Got To Give The Astros Credit)

A short while ago we e-mailed every single Major League Baseball Club asking for them to reply to us with some interesting promotional items that we’d be able to showcase with our audience.

We figured that It would be fun to see what the teams send and how attentive they are to fan requests via e-mail.

The responses, and lack of responses, thus far, have been shocking.

A number of teams outright refused to send any items. A few sent digital items. Two teams, the Orioles and the Giants asked me to send them a letter in the U.S. Mail.

On February 5, the U.S. Mail brought me a letter from the Houston Astros. This letter included only three items:

A form letter from the team

An Astros sticker

An over-sized postcard of Jose Altuve

This was not an abundance of stuff. It was, instead, just a few little items. I was surprised that the Astros didn’t include a pocket schedule to be honest.

But, still, they sent…something.

And, that was the point of all of this, this whole exercise. Winter can get pretty dull for baseball fans. It’s fun when the teams actually interact with their fans, or with fans of the game. To promote their product and to create and maintain interest, teams have to invest in their fans. Good for the Astros for doing just this – reaching out.

Of the thirty teams in Major League Baseball, only three have sent items to me. That’s a very poor batting average.

I still have hopes that more items will come in the days and weeks ahead.

Please see the photo of the items the Astros sent:

dr sem.png
The Least Among Them.png

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