Rags Could Lead the Yankees to New Riches

Rags Could Lead the Yankees to New Riches

As the off-season begins the first and perhaps most important decision the Yankees will have to make is who to hire to replace Joe Girardi as manager. So far several names have been bandied about including recently fired managers like Dusty Baker and John Farrell, coaches already with the team like Tony Pena and Rob Thompson, organization men like Al Pedrique and former big league managers like Willie Randolph.

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Aaron Judge's Yankee Future

Aaron Judge's Yankee Future

Many Yankee fans may not be aware or fully understand the significance of Judge being 25 in his rookie season. One way to think about Judge’s age is that he is only eight months younger than Mike Trout and is six months older than Bryce Harper, two of the premier sluggers in the game today. Similarly, Judge’s 8.1 WAR in 2017 ranked him 20th all-time among 25 year olds and tied for 73rd in seasons for players 25 and younger. Those rankings are impressive, but indicate that while he had a good 2017, he did not have a historically good one.

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The Unseemly Comments Of Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira apparently used the firing to Joe Girardi to provide his own negative opinion as to why the dismissal happened.  Teixeira softened his words a bit by calling Girardi a good man and a good manager, but stated that Girardi was too tense and did not communicate properly. Teixeira's conclusion was, "...He just wasn’t the best man for the job anymore.”

This would not be an egregious thing to say if Teixeira was a third-party observer or had those "unnamed" sources. But the statements sound petty and ill-timed coming from someone who played for the manager.  Of course, Teixeira is on the journalism side of the equation now and no longer a player and such statements can seem to give him "street cred" as an honest baseball analyst.

But here's the rub: Like any manager / employee situation, personalities and styles do not always mesh. If you are a good manager, most will think you are fair and most will enjoy working for you. But there are always a couple who fall on the other side. That is life. Mutual respect keeps those kind of things in-house and discussed privately.

Now say Teixeira did not always enjoy playing for Girardi, which seems to be the case. There had to have been discussions and problems between the two behind the scenes as a result. Joe Girardi never once talked about a personal problem he had with Teixeira. That would be airing dirty laundry and that is what Teixeira is doing here.

Teixeira made several comments such as Girardi managed every game like it was Game Seven of the World Series. And that is a problem? Perhaps it is if you are Mark Teixeira and you have a minor physical problem and Girardi wants you in the game and you won't go. Or perhaps down a run or two, Girardi might suggest the great Mark Teixeira hit the ball the other way to drive in the tying or go ahead run instead of insisting on pulling the ball.

Who knows. That last paragraph was probably just as unfair as what Teixeira said. What Teixeira makes clear is that he did not respect or enjoy playing under Girardi and that's fine. The opinion here is that it serves no purpose other than helping bury a guy who is already dead to say so. What goes on in the back rooms of a workplace should be left there by those who were a part of it.

Since Mark Teixeira is now a "baseball analyst," talking about John Farrell getting fired is fine. Just shut up about Joe Girardi.  It's not a good look.


The Next Manager?

There is a great deal of initial speculation over who will be the next Yankees manager.  I decided to review (and link) many of the articles on this topic that have been posted in the immediate hours after Girardi’s departure.

A quick summary of these articles lists the following as the names most mentioned:

Kevin Long – 6 articles

Rob Thomson, Jay Bell, Al Pedrique – 5 articles

Raul Ibanez, Josh Paul – 4 articles

It is my speculation that Tony Pena will be the new Yankees manager. 

Over the weekend, I will post my reasons why I believe Tony Pena will be sitting in the Yankees dugout on Opening Day.


Here are the lists and the links to the articles:

NY DAILY NEWS:  Josh Paul, Tim Naehring, Jay Bell, Kevin Long, Reggie Willits

NY POST: Jay Bell, David Cone, Trey Hillman, Raul Ibanez, Kevin Long, Pete Mackanin, Al Pedrique, Rob Thomson, Reggie Willits

NY NEWSDAY: Rob Thomson, Al Pedrique, Joe Espada, Raul Ibanez, Jay Bell, Kevin Long

BERGEN RECORD: Josh Paul, Jay Bell, Al Pedrique, Joe Espada, Rob Thomson, Dave Martinez, Trey Hillman, Kevin Long

CBS: Joe Espada, Tony Pena, Larry Rothschild, Rob Thomson, Jay Bell, Josh Paul, Al Pedrique, Tim Naehring, Brad Ausmus, Eric Chavez, Jason Giambi, Trey Hillman, Raul Ibanez, Kevin Long, Pete Mackanin, Don Mattingly, Alex Rodriguez

THE SPORTING NEWS: Willie Randolph, Tony Pena, Don Mattingly, Kevin Long, Alex Rodriguez, Josh Paul, Ad Pedrique, Raul Ibanez

YAHOO SPORTS - Dusty Baker, John Farrell, Brad Ausmus, Kevin Long, Rob Thomson, Tim Naerhing, Gabe Kapler, Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi