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Perspectives: Lots of Thoughts

By Paul Semendinger

January 22, 2024


Have you noticed, over the last few months, how "everybody" is now reading Start Spreading the News? This is great. We love being part of the daily lives of Yankees fans and baseball fans.

Thank you for visiting our site and being part of our community.


The Yankees released their first Promotional Schedule of 2024.

I don't collect bobbleheads, in fact, we have far too many baseball items here at home. (More on that in a moment...) But the NY Yankees hockey jersey and the football jersey look awesome (at least in theory). I plan to be at those games with Ethan. Those jerseys will be fun to have.


Speaking of baseball items, collectables, and the like, Ethan and I have been diligently going through the four hundred bazillion baseball cards we have along with old figurines, newspapers, magazines, books, and more.

We're sorting the items into collections of what we want to keep and what we no longer need to have. My other sons have their collections set aside, and I have my stuff, but we still have lots of items. I have been giving away many items to friends, and yet, there is still more to go, so we're also slowly selling some of the excess stuff.

In the end, you just can't keep everything.


Years ago, in 2006, the Yankees gave away player statues rather than bobbleheads. These were awesome. I'd love them to do promotions like that again.

Here's an example of the Joe DiMaggio statue:

I have the Roger Maris statue from that collection. If you look closely on my podcasts, you can see it in the background.

Those were nice, high quality statues.

I'd love for items like these to make a comeback as giveaways!


I am glad the Yankees did not sign Josh Hader. I don't see the value in spending big on a closer. The Yankees have had a lot of success in figuring out their bullpen.

There are rumors that the Yankees and Blake Snell, a starting pitcher, are not as far off as originally thought.

If the Yankees sign Blake Snell, their starting pitching will be amazing.

This might just be the optimism that comes with Spring Training on the horizon, but, I think Carlos Rodon will have a very strong 2024.

Add Blake Snell to the rotation and watch out American League!


One thing Ethan is collecting is the 1959 Topps baseball card set. Years ago he decided to try to get all those cards. This will take a long long time, but he's getting there. I help out at Christmas and at his birthday (and sometimes, because I'm dad, at other times as well).

WE don't spend lots of money on baseball cards, so the Mickey Mantle card is especially elusive.


In the NFL Playoffs, I didn't have a big rooting interest in the games yesterday, but,

Texans vs Ravens - I was rooting for the Texans. They lost.

Packers vs 49'ers - I was rooting for the Packers. They lost.

Buccaneers vs Lions - I was rooting for the Buccaneers. They lost.

Bills vs Chiefs - I was rooting for the Bills. They lost.

Last week, all the teams I wanted to win, won.

Again, this is why I don't bet. Last week I looked like I was a superstar. This week, not at all. In the end, betting is a losing proposition.


Here's the crazy thought I have had for weeks. The Bills keep getting close, within moments of glory, and each time... they lose.

There is a coach out there who is considered the very best coach of all time. He is familiar with the AFC, especially the AFC East. He really knows one of the teams in the division. He knows how to get teams to the next level, especiaqlly if he has an elite quarterback.

If I'm the Bills, I'm on the phone with Bill Bellechick right now. If he says, "Yeah, I'd be interested," I'd say, "Name your price Coach."


Next week I'll be rooting for the Lions over the 49'ers and the Chiefs over the Ravens. But, again, I don't really have a rooting interest. If the 49'ers and the Ravens win, that would be fine as well.


I enjoy the NFL Playoffs. Baseball, to me, is so much different. I care so much about the Yankees that I really can't root for any other team. Ever. And when the Yankees are done, so am I.


There's a rumor that the Mets might sign Cody Bellinger. Hummm.... Maybe soemone got "Bellinger to NY" mixed up...


If the Yankees get Cody Bellinger and Blake Snell, holy cow, I could never say that they didn't go "all-in."

Boy would that be fun.

Big signing, big trades - they're all so much fun.


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Jeff Korell
Jeff Korell
23 de jan.

I was disappointed that the Yankees did not sign Josh Hader for this reason. As good as the Yankee bullpen was said to be last season, they had 19 blown saves for the season. Hader had 5 blown saves for the season. Maybe I'm wrong, but I see that as 14 more wins they could have had if Hader was their 9th inning guy last season. Thus, I am still hoping the Yankees add more to their bullpen this off season.

Robert Stephenson was a good one they let get away. He wasn't always so good, in fact he was extremely ineffective when the season began, but as soon as he landed in St Petersburg, Tampa Bay pitching coach Kyl…


22 de jan.

"And when the Yankees are done, so am I." That's been me for a while, except this past year. We had a visitor from Fort Worth (where I'd lived for 20 years) so we cheered on the Rangers.


22 de jan.

Paul sign Bellinger and Snell and let’s go play ball. Sign Soto and use Dominguez and Jones prospects for terrific major league ballplayers in the future.


22 de jan.

Yankees need another big-time pitcher such as Snell

in order to suppress Baltimore

the O's have a fine lone-up and only if the Yankees have a pitching staff that outclasses Baltimore's can the Yankees be assured of having an advantage


Alan B.
Alan B.
22 de jan.

Joe Christopher got me a Ron Guidry autograph in 1978, before a Red Sox - Yankees game.

I want no part of Blake Snell unless it's on a one year deal. When teams look at him very objectively, he really is a very run of the mill SP. He has a very high amount of runners stranded. You know I'm not the biggest of all these new metrics, but I am a believer in WHIP for a SP and IRS for a reliever.

As for Bellinger, you do realize that if the Yankees sign him, they probably don't even attempt to re-sign Juan Soto, due to Dominguez and eventually Spencer Jones. And yes, that's giving Jones time to go through…

23 de jan.
Respondendo a

Yankees have the money .... Hal doesn't want to spend it and fortunately he can't control the market and the baseline has changed with Dodgers overspending but owners like Hal in NY market will need to adjust to keep up.

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